Salary Advance for Medical Treatment Sample Application

Want to write a request letter for salary advance for medical treatment from the company? Sample application for advance salary for medical treatment & sample application for advance salary for medical treatment of Father, Mother, son, daughter, wife, uncle, or any other relation available below.

Application for Advance Salary for Medical Emergency

Dear Sir,

My medical treatment is ongoing and I urgently need (mention the amount) money for it. I request you to give me two months’ salary advance so that I can complete my treatment. And you can deduct in four installments. I have no other means of getting money and your support can resolve my problem immediately. I will be grateful to you for your support in difficult times.

Sincerely yours,

Your Name

Requesting Advance Salary for Treatment

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am very sick and I need money for my treatment. The treatment is very much expansive. I request you to please give me three month’s salary advance so that I can get better treatment. I will always be grateful to you for this kind of favor.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Advance Salary Application for Medical Treatment

Dear Manager HR,

This letter is to request an advance salary for this month. I am suffering from diabetes since last week. I have an appointment with a good doctor this week. However, the doctor’s fees and other charges are high, and I have very little left from my last salary. So to get such medical treatment, I request an advance salary for this month. It would be helpful if I get the salary within this week.

Warm Regards,


Advance Salary For Medical Emergency

Name _____
Company ______

Dear Sir,

I am [Name] working as Manager Marketing. I have a medical emergency at home; I need $3000 as an advance from my salary. Therefore, I request you to please issue me the advance as soon as possible. The whole amount you can deduct from my upcoming salary for December (Date). I will be thankful to you.



Advance Salary For Medical Surgery

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I request you to please issue me an advance salary of $3000/- from my Salary, and deduct $1000/- monthly. It is very urgent for my medical treatment (gallbladder surgery) on (Date). Therefore, I may remain off from my office till the recovery.

I shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Salary Advance for My Father Medical Treatment

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I with grief inform you that my father had a severe heart attack last week, and doctors have asked for open-heart surgery, my family lives in Pakistan, and I am the only person who is earning in the family. The doctors have given us an estimated bill of 300,000 for the surgery and have asked us to deposit on an urgent basis as his condition is not good.

Sir, I humbly request you to give me 4 months’ pay in advance for his treatment. I am in a miserable condition right now, and I expect you to understand my problem. I am a part of your firm for the last 5 years and have never asked for an advance salary, but this time I am really in need of it. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness, looking for a positive response.


Your Name

Salary Advance for Medical Treatment of Father

Respected Director Finance,

I am Minahil Qasim, General Manager Electrical Department writing for five months advance salary urgently for my father’s medical treatment. After a recent medical examination, doctors recommended his treatment in London because of poor/incomplete facilities in our home country. The doctor also told about the local bad experiences that happened locally.

My father is suffering from Cancer with a very severe and critical condition. Doctors recommended early treatment for better recovery. I confirmed the medical expenditures from my sources in London, and I have some shortage of money for this treatment. Therefore, I request you to please issue me five months’ advance salary. Thanking you in advance.


GM Electrical

Advance Salary for Mother’s Treatment

Dear Director,

This is to have your kind attention and look into the matter with empathy; I am working in your company as a project coordinator since (Date). I am a reputable and reliable employee of the company. However, recently I have been in some problems regarding the financial conditions I am going through. My mother is sick, and urgent treatment is mandatory for her good health, but I am falling short of the required money for her treatment.

I am requesting you to approve me Rs. 40,000 as financial aid to carry out her treatment, and the money can be deducted from my monthly salary at regular intervals until it’s completely even with the company.

I will be very grateful for your cooperation and support in this moment of need.

Thanking you in advance,

Mariam Sam

Letter for Advance Salary for Treatment (Knee Pain)

Dear Manager,

I am a patient suffering from knee pain for the last three months. If you remember, I have gone through all kinds of medical checkups and have been visiting many doctors concerning my pain. But, unfortunately, this pain has taken serious injury, I guess, as I cannot walk even now.

As I was recommended for an operation, I am ready for it, but it needs to be done in my home town. Unfortunately, I have no money for the operation and to invest in traveling, and one of my family doctors is suggesting that I use his clinic.

Kindly look into this matter, and grant me an advance salary for treatment as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Salary Advance for Medical Treatment Sample Application

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