School Fee Slip Format in Excel Template Free Download


Sample School fee receipt template Free Download for schools, colleges, universities, and academies. This school fee slip format is taken from reputed international schools with an auto-calculation formula including tuition fee, transport fee, stationary fee, admission fee, assessment fee, test fee, and a row for other options.

School fee payment slip

For Schools Fee Collection
No. Date:
Father’s Name
S. No. Particulars Amount $
1 Tuition 230
2 Transport 70
3 Stationary 80
4 Assessment 120
5 Security 0
6 Admission Fee 500
7 Others 0
Total: 1000
Principal Accountant
School Fee Slip Format in Excel

School Fee Slip Format in Excel

Usage Instructions:

Download the attached fee payment slip format in Ms. Excel, and if you could not found the attachment, then simply copy, and paste the above format in excel. Your school fee payment slip will be ready to be used. Just put all the required information, and values in the amounts section. Please note if you download the excel file it will calculate the total value automatically but if you copy the format then you may need to set the formula.

School Fee Slip Format in Excel Template Free Download

Payslip Format in Word Free Download


Sample payslip format in word document is available for free download for offices, factories, mills, and production units. This Pay slip is also available in excel format, and known as wage slip for salary payments. Please visit payslip in excel, or salary slip format for more options.

Sample Payslip Template


Salary Slip for the Month of April 2013

Name: Rosey Urooj Gross Salary: 15K  Net Salary: 15K Designation: Mngr
Processing Month: 04-13 Working Days: 30 Absence: 1 Leaves: 0







Basic Salary


Income Tax




Van Fare










Total Earning


Total Deduction


Net Payment:


Payee’s Signature________________
Accounts Officer         Finance Secretary   Chief Executive

Download Sample Payslip format in MS Word from below link

Payslip Format in Word Free Download

Details of Payslip: Above Available payslip Format for download includes basic salary, allowance, arrears, Income Tax, Van Fare, security deposit, and deductions section. Word format of payslip is simple with manual calculations. The first row of payslip includes gross salary, net salary, working days, leaves, and absents for a particular month.

Usage Instructions

Please download the attached Ms Word file for sample pay slip. If the attachment is not showing don’t worry just copy, and paste the above format in Ms Word file, and make adjustments. Change all the desired information(personal information, salary breakups, payee signature, net payment etc), and your payslip will be ready to be used, and get it printed on plain paper with authorized signatures.

Purpose of Payslip

It is a most widely used document issued by employers, and companies, and required by the employees, and staff members as a certificate that they have worked with the employer, and have earned the pay amount with following allowances, and tax deductions.

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Maintenance Invoice Template free Download


This Maintenance Invoice Template, and Format normally used by businesses for after-sale services to the clients. The maintenance slip to manage client’s equipment, up-gradations, and for parts change of machines, autos, or any electric, or electronic devices. Simple maintenance billing solution for small, and large businesses.

Maintenance Invoice

Engineer Name:…………………..

Customer:………………….. Complaint No. …………………..

Address:………………….. Date: ………………….. Time:…………………..

Telephone:………………….. Fax:………………….. Email:…………………..

Product:………………….. Model:………………….. S.No:…………………..

Backup System:………………….. Model:………………….. S.No:…………………..

Complaint: …………………..

Counter For PPC: …………………..

Work Done: …………………..

Invoice No…………………… Toner………………….. Drum………………….. MT Kits…………………..


If customer job basics

Maintenance Slip Format free Download

Usage Instructions:

Please copy the above slip format, and paste it in Ms Word, or Excel. Make the necessary adjustments, and print on the letter head, or paper. Your Maintenance slip is ready for use.

Sample Alteration Slip Format for Dress, or Clothing Shop


Free Alteration slip Format for tailors, and dress shops for their clients. You can download the word file attached, and make your desire changes. You can copy the below slip as well.

Alteration slip for Clothing Shop

Shirt & Tie Shop

Alteration Slip

Booking Date_________________Delivery Date______________________No________

Customer Name__________________________________________________________

Trouser Length
Trouser Waist
Trouser Bottom
Shirt Sleeve
Shirt Fitting

Authorized Signature:______________ ____Customer Signature___________________

Note: Receive your goods within 30 days otherwise company will note be responsible.

Sample Alteration Slip Format Free Download

Usage Instructions:

Please copy, and paste the above slip in excel, or word files, and make the necessary adjustments as shown in the image, your tailor alteration slip will be ready to be used.

Gate Pass Format For Goods Sample Free Download


Need Gate Pass? Sample gate pass format for factories, production units, textile mills, offices, schools, organizations, and companies is available for free download in excel, pdf, and Word formats. Gate Pass is a compulsory document for companies, factories, and offices to bring the goods in and taking goods out of the premises.

Four gate passes templates available and can be used within the factory or office as internal gate passes, outside to move goods/items, and transport gate passes for vehicles.

Some well-known gate pass terms are inward gate pass, outward gate pass normally used in production units and warehouses. If you need a new one, please let us know in the comments form.

Sample 1: Material Gate Pass Format

We are adding a New Format of Gate pass for ERP Sofware of the Company.

Gate pass format in excel for companies and businesses

Download the Gate Formats from Below Links:

Gate Pass Format in PDF for Free Download

Inward, Outward Gate Pass Format for Companies, ERP, etc in MS Excel File

Gate Pass Format in MS Word Free Download 

Sample 2: Gate Pass Format for Incoming & Outgoing Items

Internal Gate Pass

Company Name & Logo

Sr.# _______

Mr/Ms. _______________E.Code:_________ Deptt: __________Date:____ _________

Allowed to take following items/articles Out/In Form:_______ ________ To:__________

Sr.# Item Code Description Unit Quantity Remarks

Note: This gate pass used only for internal purposes

Prepared By Received By Head of Department


Security Incharge

Sample 3: Gate Pass for Vehicles with Meter Reading

Company Name & Logo

Traveling/Transport Gate Pass

Date: ____________

Name: _____________ Department: ___________ Places to Go:____________ Druation(Aprox): ____________________ Signature: _________________________
Vehical No:__________________ Driver: __________________ Senior Manager Admin: ___________
Meter Reading at Departure: _____________ Time Out: ________________ Meter Reading at Teturn: _______________ Time In:__________________ Distance Covered: ______________ Sign Driver: ________________

Sample 4: Gate pass Sample for Employees to Brings Items in and taking out

(Company Name & Logo)

Gate Pass for Regular Items

Name Mr. Josef
Designation Time Out Time In Total Time
Marketing Officer/Merchandizer 10:00 AM 12:00 PM 2 Hours

Reason: ————————-


Department Head………..

Sample gate pass format for ERP software of companies

Gate Pass for Regular Items

Internal Gate Pass Free Download

Transport Gate Pass Free Download

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Template


Sample acknowledgement receipt Template for receiving payments, and bills from customers, Clients, and employees. This slip is used by many multinational companies, and organizations. You just need to download the attached acknowledgement Receipt in MS word, and excel formats to start using this billing slip.

Acknowledgement Receipt Format

LOGO                   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                  Customer Copy
Receipt No._________ Account No: __________________
Received Cash/Cheque/Credit Card # ___________________
Date: _______________ Bank ______________________
On Account of : __________________________________
Rupees: ________________________________________
Amount in Figures:________________________________
Received on Behalf of: ( Company Name) Signatures: ______


Application Received Letter, and Email Sample

Dear Sir/Madam,
We acknowledge with thanks, receipt of your application for provision of Domestic gas connection at the following address:
Address: Model Town, Lahore.
Nearest Place:____________ CNIC: 000-02-0000000-0
We will now our selves contact you tentatively after two weeks. Your application shall be treated as valid for an further consideration in future.


Yours faithfully,


For General Manager

Download Links:

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Template Free Download

Acknowledgement Receipt

The Sales Manager

Binco Clothing.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this to inform you that goods delivered by your staff have been received at our premises, and upon inspection, and counting, we have found them satisfactory. The detail of items is attached with this letter. Kindly, send us an invoice as early as possible so that we can pay in the specified time.

I hope that we will keep up this working relationship.



Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download


Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download is available in the attachment. This Payment of sales invoice automatically makes the calculations. It would help if you put the Quantity/Unit Price, and Paid Amount, etc. You can also make changes according to your needs in an attached invoice for download. You can download it from the link provided below.

Sample Sales Invoice in Excel

Please download the invoice, and change the header with your business details and terms & conditions for the sale of items by your store at the bottom of the sales receipt. It is a ready-for printing sales invoice; you need to put the sales items with their prices and discounts.

Download Links:

Sample Payment Receipt For Petrol Pump and General Shops in Word, and Excel Free Download


Below is Sample Payment Slip Format that is available for free download in Microsoft Word and Excel formats. In addition, you can change the company logo and address at the bottom.

General Payment Receipt Format in Excel

You can print the below receipt on the letterhead of the company or get it printed by a designer or printing company.

Company Name, and Logo Here

Payment Slip

Payment ID: _________ Date: _________

Purpose of Payment: _ (mention the purpose for receiving payment) like sale of something

Received with Thanks from: __________

Amount in $: _____

Amount in Words: _

Mode of Payment: Cash/Cheque/Pay Order/Other _

Issuer Signature

Payee Signature

Company Address/Phone/Fax/Email/Website

Simple Payment Slip Format in Excel Free Download

 Payment Slip Format in Excel Free Download Here

Payment Receipt for Patrol Pumps

petrol pump bill receipt format sample available for petrol pumps, gas stations, oil change shops, tyre shops, car wash services, etc. You can customize as per your needs and fill in the customer information.

Receipt No:__________

Company Name/Logo

Company Address

Name: __________________

Vehicle No: __________________

Particulars Qty Rate Amount

Hi-Super __ __ __

HOBC __ __ __

Diesel __ __ __

Lubricants __ __ __

Services __ __ __

Filters __ __ __

Mixc __ __ __

Car Wash __ __ __

Oil Change __ __ __

Tyre Repair __ __ __

Total __ __ ___


Download the Format in Excel Sheet

Image view of the petrol pump payment receipt format in excel file available for free download. The format is originally taken from an international chain of petrol pumps.

Telephone Message Slip Template


Sample telephone message slip template to record received calls by the operator, receptionist, or personal assistant. It is a simple way to record a telephone message for your Manager, CEO, and other executives. Normally used by Personal Secretaries and personal assistants in small and large companies/organizations. Just copy the below text, paste it in any text editor like MS Word or Excel, and get it printed on the paper after settings and necessary changes.

Telephone Message Slip

Caller Name: ____________
Date: ____________
Call Time: _______
Call Back Time: _________
Message For: ________
Calling Number: _______
Message: ___________________

Call Received By: ________________

Sample Telephone Message Slip Format for free download

Telephone Message Slip
Caller Name:Mr. Philip                    Message For:
Designation & Company:CEO: SemiOffice.Com
Message:Wanted to visit for discussing the volunteer training program
 for employees of Fatima group (Requested for Meeting time)
Call Time:9:45
Call Received By:Number: 12345678
SemiOfficeCall Back Number:    Same as above

Image view of the Sample Telephone Message Slip

Download Links:

Payslip Format in Excel For Company Free Download


Sample Payslip Format in Excel Sheet with auto calculation formula for office, business, production units, and factories in Asia, UK, USA, and Europe. This free payslip template is taken from a multinational company. Free download this sample payslip template from the below link in the excel file. You can visit salary slip format in Excel or Payslip Format in Word for more wage slip options. You can write back any suggestions and improvements in the available samples or other letters and applications.

Instructions for How to Create Payslip

Download the payslip from the links at the bottom of the page. If the download format in excel is not available, don’t worry; copy and paste the below format in the excel file, and make some required adjustments as per your need. For example, put all the required information in the first section, like name, month, working days, etc., and put all the values in the amount section of the payslip. Then, you can break down your salary items like advance, allowance, arrears, etc. If you downloaded the excel file, it would automatically calculate all the amounts, but you have to manually make the calculations if you copy and paste the payslip.


Pay Slip for the Month of July (Date) Head Office

Name: ________  Gross Salary: _______ Net Pay: ______  Designation:_________

Processing Month: ______   Working Days: _____ Absence: ____ Leave: ______



Description             AmountDescription                   Amount
Basic Pay              Rs.__________
Allowance              Rs.__________
Arrears                 Rs.__________
Income Tax                  Rs.__________
Van Fare                      Rs.__________
Security                        Rs.__________
Total Earning       Rs:__________Total Deduction          Rs:__________

                                                                                    Net Payment        Rs:___________

                                                                                     Payee’s Signature ………………..

 ______________                     _______________                              ______________

Accounts Officer                   Finance Secretary                             Chief Executive

Download Sample Payslip format in MS-Excel from the below link

Details of the Payslip

Payslip Format for download includes all the options like Basic Pay, Allowance, Arrears, Income Tax, Van Fare, Security Deposit, and a deductions Section. You can add anything else that you want as per your requirements. Excel format of payslip includes the formula for autopay calculations. The top section of this payslip includes gross pay, net pay, working days, leaves, and absents for the particular month.

Suppose you need any more options or want us to customize the free payslip download. Then, just leave your comments in the below form.

Payslip, and Salary Slip Difference

Payslip is a common business document widely used globally and renowned in the UK, Europe, and America. Asian people call this same document a salary slip, but it is known as Pay Slip in the western world. Employers, companies, organizations always issue payslips to their paid staff members of any designation.

Download Links:

From the above ready, you came to know what a payslip is? How to create Payslip in Excel?, and Elements of Payslip used in Europe and Asia. If you have any questions regarding the payslip, you can ask in the comment form, or If you have a better format and want to share at, you can send us an email.

We also request you to post your comments about the available format of the payslip. So we will improve this after your suggestions and requirements.