Telephone/Call Message Slip Template

Sample telephone message slip template to record received calls by the operator, receptionist, or personal assistant. It is a simple way to record a telephone message for your Manager, CEO, and other executives. Normally used by Personal Secretaries and personal assistants in small and large companies/organizations. Just copy the below text, paste it in any text editor like MS Word or Excel, and get it printed on the paper after settings and necessary changes.

The purpose of a telephone/call message slip is to provide a written record of a phone call that was received but could not be answered. It contains important information about the caller and their message, which can be used to follow up on the call later.

Telephone message slips are commonly used in business settings, where it may not always be possible to answer every call immediately. They provide a way to track missed calls and ensure that important messages are not lost or forgotten.

In addition to recording the caller’s name and phone number, a telephone message slip may also include the reason for the call, the time it was received, and any instructions for how to follow up. This information can be used to prioritize calls and ensure that important messages are addressed in a timely manner.

Overall, the purpose of a telephone message slip is to help maintain clear communication and ensure that important information is not lost or forgotten due to missed calls.

Example Telephone Message Slip

Telephone Message Slip

Date: ____________

Time: ____________

Caller Information:

Name: _______ Company: __________ Phone: _______ Email: _________

Message: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Message Slip

Caller Name: _______
Date: ______
Call Time: _______
Call Back Time: ______
Message For: ________
Calling Number: _______
Message: _______
Call Received By: ________

Sample Telephone Message Slip Format for free download

Telephone Message Slip
Caller Name:Mr. Philip                    Message For:
Designation & Company:CEO: SemiOffice.Com
Message:Wanted to visit for discussing the volunteer training program
 for employees of Fatima group (Requested for Meeting time)
Call Time:9:45
Call Received By:Number: 12345678
SemiOfficeCall Back Number:    Same as above

Image view of the Sample Telephone Message Slip

Telephone Message Slip Template

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