Letter for Flight Delayed Compensation to Airline

Want to claim flight delayed compensation? Sample application letter to airline for delayed flight compensation and refund of your booking amount or ticket amount due to delays or missing flights. Claim Letter for flight delay and insurance to airline company is allowed in international regulations.

Refund/Compensation Claim Letter to Airline for Delayed Flight

Dear Sir,

A ten hours delay in the flight bore me a loss to catch my next flight. For the compensation, please refund my ticket amount (mention the amount here). I read your terms and conditions, and I am well aware that customers are entitled to a full refund for a delay of more than five hours. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Claim Refund from Airline for Delayed Flight

Dear Sir or Madam,

I traveled from Dubai to Singapore on the flight (number) and ticket (number) dated (date). The flight was delayed five hours, and your policy states that I can claim a rebate for this unnecessary delay. So please rebate the 50% payment (maybe $1150) against my ticket.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Letter to Airline for Refund as Flight Delayed Compensation

Head Supervisor,

Dear Sir,
With full regret, I have to inform you that flight A291 was delayed due to some issue that remains a mystery for the boarded passengers. The flight took off after a delay of 5 hours which caused a huge inconvenience to all passengers. I was supposed to reach Los Angeles by midnight and then board another plane to my hometown in Dubai. Unfortunately, I missed my flight and could not get a seat till the next morning due to the delay.

The consequences of this resulted in the cancellation of an important business meeting, air ticket, and hotel room reservation. Therefore, kindly accept this as a request to compensate for my loss for what seems to be your airline’s culpability. I hope you will consider this request before I am forced to take further action. Thank you.

Connor Barnes

Sheikh Al Murazi Town

Standard Letter for Flight Delayed Compensation to Airline Company

Managing Director,

Dear Sir,
I have to state that I was on your flight Oceanic 815 to Los Angeles with due respect. I had an important business meeting in LA, but the flight got delayed due to technical faults. I was on pins and needles to hear the news that we could fly again, but your stewards did not update me on the situation, because of which I had to wait for 4 hours.

Eventually, I lost a huge client. I am a frequent user of your airline, and I am very disappointed with the way your staff reacted. Therefore, I request you compensate me with a specific but equivalent amount of money to waste valuable time. I hope to hear from you soon.

Jason Brown

JJ Mills, Canberra, Australia

Letter for Flight Ticket Rebate Due to Flight Delayed

Dear Sir,
With sheer disappointment, I have to state that I missed my connecting flight to India due to a delay in Oceanic 816 from Sydney to Los Angeles. There was a delay of 10 hours, and during that time, we were kept unaware of the ongoing situation.

Leaving all that misery behind, when I reached JFK Airport, they did not provide any refund, and hence I had to buy a new ticket to India. Therefore, kindly reimburse the expense that I had to bear due to your responsibility. I shall be waiting for a quick response. Thank you.

Kamran Zahid

National Bank Road, Sydney, Australia

Letter to Claim Rebate from the Airline Company for Delayed Flight

Airline Name,

Customer Service Department,

Dear Sir/ Madam, With due respect, I (sender’s name) request you to please refund the payments as my flight was delayed. I had pre-booked the flight from Texas to Lahore____(Time) almost three weeks on ___(Date) due to the upgoing prices during the holiday season. I am traveling to attend my sister’s wedding in Lahore in less than two days. Unfortunately, due to some mechanical issues with the airplane, my flight was delayed for 9 hours. Traveling from Texas to Lahore takes almost 20-24 hours; I cannot afford this delay; otherwise, I will probably miss my sister’s wedding. So now I had to pay for another ticket from another airline to reach Lahore on time.

I have been a regular user of this airline, and it’s the first time that I have gone through such an experience. I hope that the airline customer care will understand my situation. Hence I dearly request you to refund my ticket payments as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Sender’s Name, Flight Number, Seat Number, Date

Letter to Claim Insurance from the Bank/Company for Delayed Flight

Bank Name, Credit Division,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I, sender’s name ______(bank Id), recently traveled from Lahore to Abu Dhabi due to an important business meeting. Originally I had booked a return ticket from the (Airline name), which had cost me $1140. Unfortunately, as I was waiting for my flight, it is announced that it will be delayed for 2 hours. The flight was further delayed for 4 hours. As my meeting was the next day, I had to book another flight.

I have asked for a total refund from the airline company, but they rejected my compensation claim for the delay of the flight without any proper reasoning. I contacted them again but haven’t received a reply.

I have been facing financial issues recently, and $1140 is a lot of loss for me at such a critical moment. I hope that you will provide me with insurance for this loss. The payment information of the flight and the letter of rejection to refund have been attached. Please get back to me if there are any other documents that I will have to provide.

Yours Sincerely,

Sender’s Name

Refund/Compensation Claim Letter to Airline for Delayed Flight

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  1. My husband & I were due to fly from Bremen, Germany to Amsterdam, Holland on the morning of May 20/2019 with klm cityhopper a division of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. When we checked in we were told that we were on “standby”. I explained that it was imperative we get on this flight as we had to catch our flight home to Toronto, Canada at 3:00 PM in Amsterdam. After being referred to several other people & departments we told “sorry nothing we can do.”I called klm cityhopper again and asked if I could rebook another flight from Bremen to Amsterdam and was told I would be placed on standby again. As a result we missed our flight home and I had to re-book at our expense, and ask a relative to drive us to Amsterdam. I’m asking for compensation to cover the cost of our flight to Amsterdam, our airline tickets home to Canada and the petrol cost of being driven to Amsterdam.

      Almost all air tickets have insurance and you should claim your insurance against the missed flight. Further you can also get compensation from the delayed flight company as it is international rules to pay back if the flight is late. Thanking you for detailed comment

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