Apology and Explanation for Absence due to Unawareness of Notice

Below are the templates to explain the absence due to being unaware of the office notice. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new or custom or different templates for your personal or business needs. Template 1: Apology and Explanation for Absence due to Unawareness of Notice [Your Name] [Your Address] … Continue reading “Apology and Explanation for Absence due to Unawareness of Notice”

Notice to Contractor to Complete Work

Below are the templates of notice to the contractor to complete the work. We provide templates. Please let us know in the comments if you need any type of templates for your persona, business, or school needs. Notice to a Contractor to Complete Work Hello Sir, As mentioned in the contract, I am sending this … Continue reading “Notice to Contractor to Complete Work”

Request Final Payment Settlement After the Resignation

Want to write to request for final settlement payment after your resignation? We are giving you a sample letter to request your remaining payment from the company or employer. Request Letter for Final Settlement Payment After the Resignation Dear Sir, I want to request for release of my final payment. I resigned from the job … Continue reading “Request Final Payment Settlement After the Resignation”

Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place

Sample format of writing a notice to tenants whom you want to vacate your property till a specific timeline. Notice for Tenant to Vacate Place To: Mr. Golliday Tenant, Room #45, Lafayette Apartments Richmond, Virginia, United States This is a formal notice that you must vacate your apartment by the 11th of December, as per … Continue reading “Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place”

Sample Notice for Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Sample template of the announcement of parent teacher meeting(PTM) in a school where teachers meet parents annually to give them the progress report of their children. Format Of Notice Of Parent Teacher Meeting Dear parents, This is a notice to inform parents that we will be hosting a parent teacher meeting this Monday, October the … Continue reading “Sample Notice for Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)”

Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus

Format Of Notice Letters To Parents To Inform Them about Changing Location Of School due to various personal reasons Notice To Parents For Changing Campus Dear Parents, It is to inform you that due to construction of this building we are shifting the school to DHA branch. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may … Continue reading “Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus”

Store Closing Letter to Customers

Following can be used as change of address of branch. Sample letter to use when a manager is closing its branch because the business is not being profitable anymore. Notice For Closing Store To all our valued customers, It is to inform you that our store is permanently getting closed as we are shifting our … Continue reading “Store Closing Letter to Customers”

Sample Notice to Vacate Apartment

Format of sample notice to send to tenants when the house, apartment, shop you have given them on a lease but now want them to vacate it as you want it back. Landlord Notice To Vacate Letter It is hereby notified to you,that the last date for vacating the apartment is 01-01-(Date). Due to certain … Continue reading “Sample Notice to Vacate Apartment”

Notice for Non Payment of Rent

Notice for Payment of arrears of rent. Eviction notice for nonpayment of rent. Notice for Payment of Rent NOTICE It is to notify renters; Mr Mohsin Janjua, House 40-C, Johar Town, Lahore, Rented our house on 1st November (Date), with a pledge to pay RS: 30,000 per month by every 1st of the next month.  Rents … Continue reading “Notice for Non Payment of Rent”

Notice For Employees Of Salary Deduction

Sample Format Of Notification To give employees Before Salary Deduction Letter to Inform Employee of Salary Decrease To, Mr. Eric Willson, HR department, Nestle Respected sir, It is to inform you that due to the current financial issue the salaries for this month will be given with the deduction of 20%. We expect all our … Continue reading “Notice For Employees Of Salary Deduction”

Dress Code Notice To Employees

Dress code announcement sample. Warning letter for dress code. Dress code reminder memo. Dress code email template. Dress code reminder email. Notice for wearing the uniform. Employee warning letter for not wearing proper uniform. Dress Code Notice to Employees Dear Employees, I am writing to you all because the dress code has been brought to … Continue reading “Dress Code Notice To Employees”

Notice of Expiry of Business Contract

Sample notice to business partner, or partner company to intimate about the expiry of fixed term contract, and request the renewal of the contract for further/future business relationship. Notice for Expiry of Fixed Term Contract Mr. Alex Steward Head of Business Development Wall Street Company, West ham UNITED KINGDOM Dear Sir, I am hoping that … Continue reading “Notice of Expiry of Business Contract”

Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees

Sample show cause notice to employee due to mismanagement, commission, wrong report, miss commitment, etc. Sample Show Cause Notice for Employees: [Company Name and Logo] Show Cause Notice To: [Employee Name] Department: [Department Name] Date: [Date] Subject: Show Cause Notice Dear [Employee Name], It has come to our attention that you have been displaying behavior … Continue reading “Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees”

Notice to Landlord for Leaving House

Sample letter to give notice to landlord/ homeowner/ malik makkan, police station, court, or dealer, lawyer for leaving the house as per requirements. Application letter of 30 days notice to my landlord. Notice for Leaving House To Mr. Sam Billings, Land Lord, Bungalow no. 43, Edinburg, Scotland   Subject: 30 days Prior Notice of leaving … Continue reading “Notice to Landlord for Leaving House”

Notice of NIC Expiry to Clients from Bank

Sample notice of expiry to clients, customers by the bank to inform them about the expiry of National Identity Card, and other documents. Sample Notice of Expiry Respected Shoukat Ali, Subject: Expiry of Your CNIC-Account No: 74638267-737-87-01 Thank you very much for your banking relationship with us which we greatly value. This is just to … Continue reading “Notice of NIC Expiry to Clients from Bank”

Sample Letter To Parents For School Fees Submission

Sample letters asking parents to deposit fees and sending a first warning, second warning, or final warning. Sample letter from school, college, or academy to parents for submission of fees. Sample letter from the college management to parents for depositing school fees for their child. WhatsApp Message to Parents for School Fees Dear parents, kindly … Continue reading “Sample Letter To Parents For School Fees Submission”

Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill

Sample notice to customer, or clients for disconnection of service due to short of bill payments from company, factory, shop, sales, and service center, franchise, or any other business. Notice of Pending Bill Payment Mr. Shahid, 176-B, Model Town, Lahore. Subject: Release of payment Greetings! Dear Client, This is to remind you that your dues … Continue reading “Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill”