Sample Letter for Acknowledging Delivery of Goods, or Services

Want to send an acknowledgment of order delivery? Letter to thanks seller who responded to complaints and sent the right products following the customer’s objection on the previous things. Letter of Acknowledgement After Order Received/Shipment Received Dear Sir, I want to acknowledge and thank you for the timely delivery of (mention the product). I am … Continue reading “Sample Letter for Acknowledging Delivery of Goods, or Services”

Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad   

Sample Permission Letter By Parent For Child Travelling Abroad to visit their uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother on a vacation where they will stay for some days to the concerning authorities. Letter of Consent For Child to Travel American grammar school Consent letter I, Mr. Smith Johns, father of Marcus Johns with all my consent allow … Continue reading “Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad   “

Condolence Letter for Death of Mother

Sample letter to friend, brother, sister, or any relative about the death of mother. Letter to friend condoling, or consoling him on the death of his mother. Condolence letter to a friend on her mother’s death. Letter of condolence to a friend who lost his father. Letter to Friend for Death His Mother Dear John, France It was shocking news for me to hear … Continue reading “Condolence Letter for Death of Mother”

Confirmation Letter for Bank Account

Sample letter to client for opening of their bank account at your branch on request from the client for business account, personal account, company account, IBAN account, shop account, saving account, current account, BB account etc. Thank You for Opening Your Bank Account Rosey Riaz 8th Ave, New York, USA, Dear Customer, Your Account # … Continue reading “Confirmation Letter for Bank Account”

Admission Confirmation Letter Format

Sample letter to students who submitted the admission form for informing them about the confirmation of their admission in school, college, or university, and academy etc. Admission Confirmation Letter from College To Mr. James Peter Birmingham, U.K Dear Mr. James, This is Jenny from Computer department Harvard University, I want to congratulate you that you … Continue reading “Admission Confirmation Letter Format”

Loan Rejection Letter from Bank

Sample letter to client for rejection of loan request application letter from bank. Letter to inform client that loan request has been rejected, and objections. Loan Rejection Letter from Bank Mr. Jack Hemingway, 0000 Satellite Town, London. October 24. Dear Sir, REJECTION OF REQUEST FOR LOAN It gives us a pain to apprise you that … Continue reading “Loan Rejection Letter from Bank”

Permission Letter for International Travel

Sample permission letter for international travel from father. This letter normally required by the embassies from the parents as a declaration in case of any emergency, and other legal requirements. Sample Letter of Consent to Travel Without Parents Embassy of Netherlands Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad / Pakistan DECLARATION OF RESPONSIBILITY AND PERMISSION TO TRAVEL From: Saqib Ahmad, … Continue reading “Permission Letter for International Travel”

Announcing New Employee to Staff

Sample letter to announce the new employee to other staff members, or on notice board, or in the form of a memo to all staff of the office, company, or factory. Announcements of the new CEO, Announcements of the new manager, and announcements of the new supervisor are compulsory in some offices of HR. Sample … Continue reading “Announcing New Employee to Staff”

Joining Report Sample Format

Sample joining report format for employees, new employees, teachers, professors, students, engineers, doctors, etc. Joining reports are compulsory in multinational companies and companies with the larger business networks and surety of employee joining in issuing the salaries, benefits, and getting the work performance reports. Job Joining Confirmation Letter by Employee Respected Management, Thank you for … Continue reading “Joining Report Sample Format”

Notice to Landlord for Leaving House

Sample letter to give notice to landlord/ homeowner/ malik makkan, police station, court, or dealer, lawyer for leaving the house as per requirements. Application letter of 30 days notice to my landlord. Notice for Leaving House To Mr. Sam Billings, Land Lord, Bungalow no. 43, Edinburg, Scotland   Subject: 30 days Prior Notice of leaving … Continue reading “Notice to Landlord for Leaving House”