Thanks for Your Wedding Invitations


Sample cover letter to say thanks for wedding invitation from family, manager, colleague, boss, junior staff, employees etc.

Thanks for Your Wedding Invitations

To Romiza,

I am writing to you because I would like to thank you for inviting me, and my family to your wedding. I would also like to say congratulations I think that you, and your future husband will be very happy, and have long lives together. I will have to talk with my partner to see if he will want to go, or if he can get the time off work but I’m sure that for you we can manage the time off, and come see you start a new chapter in your life. I will see you soon.

Yours truly,


Acknowledgement Letter to an Invitation

Street IV
Callagan, Michigan

Dear Martha,

Hope this letter finds you in good of your health. Yesterday, I received your invitation for your marriage ceremony. I want to congratulate, and pass my heartiest feeling for this good news. Surely I will join you at the function. I will try to reach as early as possible to help you in arrangements, and shopping. See you soon.

Yours Friend,


Thanks for Your Wedding Invitations

I recently received you’re your wedding invitation through mail, and I am grateful to receive it. I am happy to know about your wedding, and wish you a very happy married life. I would definitely attend your marriage ceremony in order to enjoy this particular moment of your life.

Thanks for Your Wedding Invitation

Dear Friend,

I just received the invitation card of your wedding thanks a lot for remembering, and inviting me in your precious, and memorable moments of life. I was busy in doing my assignment while I received your wedding invitation card I got amazed, and I am very glad to know about your wedding. Luckily Your wedding days in my holidays so I will definitely attend your wedding.

I thank you again, and your family for share happiness. We will meet you on your wedding.


Your sincere friend,

Thank You Letter to the Principal


Thank you message to school principal. Appreciation letter to principal from student. Thank you letter to school principal from student. Thank you letter to principal from student teacher. Thank you note to school principal. Appreciation letter to principal from teacher. Farewell letter to principal. Thank you principal quotes.

Thank You Letter to the Principal

To Principal,
James High School, USA

Dear Miss Ana,

I am writing this with such great heart. As this is my last week at school. I have completed my high school with such great grades, and memories. I am so thankful for your all the cooperation, and struggle you did for us. I am so glad that I got such a remarkable principal like you. From which I learn to be positive, and determined in life.

I learned to be determined, and you taught that nothing is impossible, if you really want something in life work as hard as you can, and that thing will be yours. I am so gratified of you that you helped me in my studies, and extra circular activities.

God Bless You

Thank You

Yours obedient student

Sarah Mathew

Thank You Letter to the Principal of Your Company

Mr. Alex Steward
4th Floor, Bent mound Building
West ham

Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying pleasant health.

As per my agreement, my designation is entitled with $ 5,000 on completion of my 3 years’ employment tenure.

On satisfactorily completion of above referred period, I wrote a letter to your good honor dated 23 November, XXXX for the entitled increment in my package.

Today, I received a letter from your kind side wherein you acknowledged my entitlement with effect from next month. Further, you endorsed my contributions towards our organization. This is utter privilege for me to work with your organization under your direct supervision, and receiving such complimentary remarks. I am really obliged in this regard.

Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Very truly yours
Alan Taylor
Chief Financial Officer

Thank You Letter to Principal for Consideration

The Principal,

Dorset College,

Trinity College Road,

Dublin, Ireland.


I hope you are reading this in good health.  It is an honor for me to have been appointed as a Vice Principal of Dorset College. With all the powers as a Vice Principal, I am aiming at serving the college with my efforts, and hard work, and also proving as an asset for the college.

Therefore, I am very thankful to you for bestowing your kind consideration to me. I would like to express my gratitude, and will try my best to justify my place to be right. Moreover, with all this in mind, I am prepared to take this responsibility determinedly.

Thank You.

Best Regards,


Letter for Death of Mother


Sample letter to friend, brother, sister, or any relative about the death of mother. Letter to friend condoling, or consoling him on the death of his mother. Condolence letter to a friend on her mother’s death. Letter of condolence to a friend who lost his father.

Letter to Friend for Death His Mother

Dear John,


It was shocking news for me to hear about death of your mother. A mother is a great blessing, and no one can take place of such a character in our life. I have no words to define such a big loss of one’s mother. I still cannot imagine that she is not among us now. When I came to her funeral ceremony I saw that all your relatives, and neighbors were seriously depressed for losing her specially your son. Please accept my deepest condolence. You do not need to worry about your office. I shall deal with all your clients on your behalf. Your family need a brave support of you otherwise they will not be able to manage with such a hard time. May she get a good place in heaven?

Samuel Dean

Letter for Death of Mother


Dear friend!

I know you have been calling me for the past few days, and I was not able to respond you on time. I had to fly back in emergency to London due to my mother’s collapsing health condition. When my brother called me he just told me that mother was suffering from some internal infection but when I came here that infection diagnosed to be a cancer leaving my whole family in utter shock, and disbelief. When we asked about treatment to doctors he gave a vague reply saying that anything is possible at this point nothing can said with complete surety.

But we still started her chemotherapy, and all the necessary medication. Just three days back doctor said that she was showing a bit improvement, and that she may be one of those brave people who win the battle with this deadly disease but just morning after that she complained about having a dry throat, and then she started coughing heavily , also showing extreme difficulty in breathing. The doctors, and nurses rushed to her side to check her up but within a few moments she was not with us anymore.

My mind could not comprehend what just happened in those five to ten minutes. We somehow knew that it was coming but it still did not feel real when it happened even still today i listen to her calling my name. I know that the empty space she has left in my life will never be filled again, and I would have to live with this void in my heart till I die.

Her service will be arranged tomorrow if it would be possible for you to come then that would be really comforting for me. Hope to see you tomorrow at the service.



Letter for Death of Mother

Dear Brother,

I hope you are doing well but here is something terrible happen that mother passed away. It is really hard for me right now. She was not feeling good in past days so we took her to the hospital yesterday, and doctor said that she had heart attack, and she couldn’t survive it. Everyone is really sad so please come here as possible as you can. And her funeral is on 10th of Feb.

I hope you will be here soon.


Rate Increase Letter for Services


Sample letter to clients informing them about increase in rates for your products, and services due to taxes, price hikes etc. Sample rate increase letter to clients, customers, employees.

Sample Rate Increase Letter for Service


The Mr. Edward

New York

Dear Mr. Edward

This is Peter from River Water & Co, and I am writing to inform you about an increase in our service charges. I am sure you would be aware of new taxes being announced by government on all consumer products, including water. We have been consistently supplying water to our valuable customers at same old rate, and we hardly got any complaints against our services. Our staff efficiently delivered pure water door to door. Now we are unable to continue with same rates, so we are revising them from $15 to $25. Most of our customers feel comfortable with this change, and we expect same from you. You can contact us anytime as our call center is open 24/7. Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards,

David Shawn


Rate Increase Letter for Services

The Manager

AIN ENGG. Pvt. Ltd.



Respected Concern,

This letter is to notify you about the revised cost of the fire safety system maintenance cost shall be increased by 20 USD per cylinder (including transportation, and refilling) effective from tomorrow 27th April. We regret this increase in the cost but it was unavoidable due to the start of new financial year.

Services In charge

Li Ping

Vigor Safety Services

Sample rate increase letter to clients, customers, employees

Letter of Rate Increase for Service

Mr. Alex Steward

Head of Business Development

Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health, and I am praying for the same.

It is to bring into your attention that our parent Firm has revised fee / rate structure recently due to inflationary trends observed in the global economy.

In consideration to the said revision, we are planning to revise our fee for being agreed with you for the professional services in relation to audit.  Our proposed fee for the financial year ending on June 30, XXXX shall be $ XXXX.

You are hereby requested to please provide us your concurrence on the aforementioned revision. We shall be really obliged for your favor. We are looking forward to continue professional business relationships with your organization.

Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor


Audit & Assurance

Announcing New Employee to Staff


Sample letter to announce the new employee to other staff members, or on notice board, or in the form of memo to all staff of the office, company, or factory. Announcement of new CEO, Announcement of new manger, Announcement of new supervisor is compulsory in some offices by HR.

Sample Letter Announcement of New Employee Joining


Head Office

Beconhouse School System


Subject: Announcing the new appointed staff at garden town branch

Dear Sir,

After collecting, and shortlisting the CV’s collected by our branch, we had successful meetings with the candidates. By the conclusion from the interactions with the candidates we selected a number of candidates for the lectureship at middle, and senior school. We allowed them for a trial session of 2 days respectively, and the staff that gave out the appropriate lecture with appropriate skills, we allowed them to begin the session with the respective classes, and subjects. The selected staff is being announced, and we require the permission from the head office to begin our session for the academic year (Date)-(Date). Following are the names of the staff with respective qualifications, subjects, and classes.

Class 8

Mr. Amjad Haroon    Mphil (English literature)            ENGLISH

Mr. Kashif Amber     Mphil (Mathematics)                  MATHS

Miss. Mubeena          Mphil (Environmental Sciences)   SCIENCES

Class 9

Sir. Imran Nadeem       Mphil (Chemistry)      CHEMISTRY

Class 10

Miss. Shehla Hamid     Mphil (Biology)    BIOLOGY

Kindly approve the announced staff. Any required detail shall be sent for any quarry. The previous staff have been running successful, and they are continuing this session for their respective subjects.

Yasir Zada Khan

Branch manager

BSS garden town campus


Email to Staff Announcing New Employee

New employee announcement memo

Dear employees,

We are very happy to announce a new member to our team: Mr. Dan Rutherford!
Give him a warm welcome, and show how enjoyable it is to work here at Dawson Electric!

Let’s keep the Dawson family strong!

Tim McCarty

Cheque Sending Letter Format


Sample cheque sending letter format for companies, and individuals to make payments to other companies, clients, customers, or individuals. Covering letter for payment made.

Cheque Sending Covering Letter

Imtiaz Ahmad
XX, DHA, Lahore

I enclosed my Printing Payment through my cheque no. 008873838 drawn on Standard Bank for a sum of $25,000. I shall be grateful if you would kindly provide me a payment receipt/bill along with a copy of Tax exemption certificate, and NTN.

Thanks, and Kind Regards,
Yours sincerely


Attachment: Cheque for $25000

Sample Letter to Send Payment Cheque

Rosey’s Mills

To: AH Foundation

Att: Executive Director
Subject: Payment by Cheques

Dear Sir,
Reference to the subject mentioned above we enclose following Cheques of the ABL Corporate Branch, Faisalabad on account of donation favoring you.

Donar Name           Cheque No         Amount
Mrs. Saima                   6854657                $5000/-
Mr. Sami                       7467864                $3000/-

We would appreciate if you please send us an official receipt favoring above donors as acknowledgement of the same along with “Income Tax Exemption Certificate” valid for this year obtained by you for donation.

Thanking You

Very Truly Yours,
for the Rosey’s Mills
Rosey Manzoor
Vice President

Acknowledgement Letter for Payment of Cheque

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly acknowledge a Donation for $100,000/- (Dollar One Hundred Thousand Only) by Cheque No. 64764746 SCB, Dated 19.7.(Date).Please issue the receipt of receiving cash after encashment of the cheque, without mentioning Bank, or Cheque No.

Kindly send the receipt to: Name, and Address here

Thanking You,
With Regards,

Oria Maqbool
Director Finance

Cheque Sending Letter Format

Cheque Sending Letter

The Finance Manager,
Beta Textiles Ltd.
Texas. USA

Dear Sir,

I am writing this to inform you that we received the ordered textile products on 15th January—–, and upon inspection we found them satisfactory. I praise you for delivering the products on such a short notice. I am sending bank cheque no. BE123456 of Fisher Bank, Texas branch for an amount of $1000 to settle the payment. A copy of your invoice, and cheque is attached with this letter.

I hope that we will continue working together.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Philips.
Finance Manager
Super store corporation

Acknowledgement of Settlement Statement Letter


Sample settlement statement template for purchase, or sale of items, tax returns, for closing, and deductions. Companies can use this for any kind of adjustment/settlement for return of goods, or sending back the goods to vendor, or client.

Acknowledgement of Settlement

Dear Mr. Ehsan,
RST building, MN Road,

Dear Sir,


This is with reference to captioned subject, and your requested no. XXX/XXX/XX dated February , wherein you requested us to settle your receivable balance due to non-availability of internet services for 2 weeks.

We were pleased to inform you that your request has been approved by Manager Servicing.   Find enclosed herewith acknowledgement from our side regarding the settlement of your outstanding balance towards us, and the revised invoice for your good self.

We shall be really obliged in case your process the remaining payment at your earliest convenience.

I hope this letter would serve to your entire satisfaction
Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Truly yours,

Hashim Zahid.
Manager Public Relations

Sample Settlement Statement Letter

Acknowledgement of Settlement

I hereby confirm returning______________ number of Glass, and /or__________ number of shells which were obtained on deposit/consignment, and acknowledge (receipt of Rs.__________] AND/OR [ that I owe Rs.____________ to the Company] towards full & final settlement of my accounts with the company.

Customer Name                                               Customer Signature

Acknowledgement of Settlement Statement

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt on Deposit, or Consignment

I hereby acknowledge receipt of [liquid on credit of amount Rs.______________] OR [above mentioned quantity of Glass/Shells on deposit /consignment which shall return to the Company as, and when so demanded by the company as the same is property of the Company(Name).]

Customer Name                                               Customer Signature

Acknowledgement for Debit/Credit on Deposit, or Consignment

Acknowledgement Letter of Settlement Statement

The manager

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the settlement statement which I had received yesterday. After discussing it with my legal adviser I have decided to agree with terms, and conditions of settlement. As we discussed in our last meeting, this binds us both to agreement, and our settlement is now effective.

I am looking forward to our mutual journey together under this agreement, and hope for progress, and cooperation.


Wilson Woodrow

Grant Approval Letter of Acknowledgement


Grant approval letter sample from donor agencies, or government offices for NGOs, NPOs etc.

Grant Approval Letter Format 1

Dear Sir,

We have received your request for a grant  towards the rehabilitation work for the intellectually impaired.

After careful consideration, it is our pleasure to inform you that the request has been granted! Enclosed is a cheque no. 53753637 dated 23 November XXXX of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only) in favor of AH Foundation.

Kindly Acknowledge receipt of cheque, and send a copy for our records.

[Company] is very committed to the support you are providing, and therefore wish your Organization the best of luck, and success!

Kind Regards,

Signatory Authority

Grant Approval Letter Format 2

Dear Sir,

We are enclosing our cheque No. 6583464536 amounting to $30,000 (Thirty Thousand USD) on account of 100% share of [company] towards the purchase of equipment.

Please forward the project completion report to this office by 17th October XXXX at the least. Please also ensure that completion report is accompanied by the following supporting documents:-

  1. Attested copy of ledger
  2. Attested copy of purchase invoices
  3. Attested copy of cheques issued to the supplier
  4. Color Photographs of the items.

Please acknowledge of above mentioned cheque, and the letter.


Signatory Authority

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Template


Sample acknowledgement receipt Template for receiving payments, and bills from customers, Clients, and employees. This slip is used by many multinational companies, and organizations. You just need to download the attached acknowledgement Receipt in MS word, and excel formats to start using this billing slip.

Acknowledgement Receipt Format

LOGO                   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                  Customer Copy
Receipt No._________ Account No: __________________
Received Cash/Cheque/Credit Card # ___________________
Date: _______________ Bank ______________________
On Account of : __________________________________
Rupees: ________________________________________
Amount in Figures:________________________________
Received on Behalf of: ( Company Name) Signatures: ______


Application Received Letter, and Email Sample

Dear Sir/Madam,
We acknowledge with thanks, receipt of your application for provision of Domestic gas connection at the following address:
Address: Model Town, Lahore.
Nearest Place:____________ CNIC: 000-02-0000000-0
We will now our selves contact you tentatively after two weeks. Your application shall be treated as valid for an further consideration in future.


Yours faithfully,


For General Manager

Download Links:

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Template Free Download

Acknowledgement Receipt

The Sales Manager

Binco Clothing.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this to inform you that goods delivered by your staff have been received at our premises, and upon inspection, and counting, we have found them satisfactory. The detail of items is attached with this letter. Kindly, send us an invoice as early as possible so that we can pay in the specified time.

I hope that we will keep up this working relationship.



Payment Received, and Account Restored Acknowledgement Letter


Sample Payment Received, and Account Restored Acknowledgement Letter to clients, customers, and business partners for memberships, services, maintenance services etc.

Payment Received Letter




Subject: Payment Received, and Account Restored 

Dear Sir/Madam/Customer,

Your paid amount of PKR1,000.00 has been received as of 21/Nov/(Date) 13:34:22 against Account Number SNG000178247. If your Account is still blocked, it will be restored soon.

In case your account is not restored within 24 hours, please contact Mr. Adnan, or Ms. Nihal.

Best Regards


Minahil Qasim

Manager Client Services

Letter to Restore Customer Account

Dear Ms. Momina,

This is to acknowledge your recent payment of your annual membership fee of RPGCC. Your accounts will be restored withing 48 hours, and you will be able to avail, and enjoy all club services. We are thankful for continuing membership.

Sincerely yours,


Minahil Qasim

Manager Client Services

Acknowledgement of Payment Received

Dear Ms. Anushka,

Thank you very much for payment of your monthly TV cable bill. Your TV cable connection is restored, and we hope you will be enjoying our best services. To avoid any inconvenience please pay your TV cable bill on due date in future. Best of Luck.

Warm Regards,


Minahil Qasim

Manager Client Services

Thank You Letter for Payment

Dear Customer,

Hope this email finds you well. We are thankful for the payment of your Library Membership Fee. Our system will be upgraded in 24 hours, and you will be able to use your membership card for entrance, cafeteria, and coffee shop. We request you to please make the payments before due dates to avoid any inconvenience. Our Library policy only allow one time account restore, and you have used your option. In future if you will not pay your membership fee within due date than your account will be suspended permanently. Copy of terms, and conditions is attached with this emails. Thank you very much.


Minahil Sami


Payment Received, and Account Restored Acknowledgement Letter