Thanks for Your Wedding Invitations

Sample cover letter to say thanks for wedding invitation from family, manager, colleague, boss, junior staff, employees etc. Thanks for Your Wedding Invitations To Romiza, I am writing to you because I would like to thank you for inviting me, and my family to your wedding. I would also like to say congratulations I think … Continue reading “Thanks for Your Wedding Invitations”

Thank You Letter to the Principal

Thank you message to school principal. Appreciation letter to principal from student. Thank you letter to school principal from student. Thank you letter to principal from student teacher. Thank you note to school principal. Appreciation letter to principal from teacher. Farewell letter to principal. Thank you principal quotes. Thank You Letter to the Principal To Principal, James High School, USA Dear Miss Ana, I am writing this with such great heart. As this is my last week at school. … Continue reading “Thank You Letter to the Principal”

Condolence Letter for Death of Mother

Sample letter to friend, brother, sister, or any relative about the death of mother. Letter to friend condoling, or consoling him on the death of his mother. Condolence letter to a friend on her mother’s death. Letter of condolence to a friend who lost his father. Letter to Friend for Death His Mother Dear John, France It was shocking news for me to hear … Continue reading “Condolence Letter for Death of Mother”

Rate Increase Letter for Services

Sample letter to clients informing them about increase in rates for your products, and services due to taxes, price hikes etc. Sample rate increase letter to clients, customers, employees. Sample Rate Increase Letter for Service To The Mr. Edward New York Dear Mr. Edward This is Peter from River Water & Co, and I am … Continue reading “Rate Increase Letter for Services”

Announcing New Employee to Staff

Sample letter to announce the new employee to other staff members, or on notice board, or in the form of a memo to all staff of the office, company, or factory. Announcements of the new CEO, Announcements of the new manager, and announcements of the new supervisor are compulsory in some offices of HR. Sample … Continue reading “Announcing New Employee to Staff”

Cheque Sending Letter Format

Sample cheque sending letter format for companies, and individuals to make payments to other companies, clients, customers, or individuals. Covering letter for payment made. Cheque Sending Covering Letter Imtiaz Ahmad XX, DHA, Lahore I enclosed my Printing Payment through my cheque no. 008873838 drawn on Standard Bank for a sum of $25,000. I shall be grateful … Continue reading “Cheque Sending Letter Format”

Acknowledgement of Settlement Statement Letter

Sample settlement statement template for purchase or sale of items, tax returns, closing, and deductions. Companies can use this for any kind of adjustment/settlement for the return of goods or sending back the goods to the vendor or client. Acknowledgment of Settlement Dear Mr. Ehsan,RST building, MN Road,PAKISTAN. Dear Sir, Subject:            ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SETTLEMENT This … Continue reading “Acknowledgement of Settlement Statement Letter”

Grant Approval Letter of Acknowledgement

Grant approval letter sample from donor agencies, or government offices for NGOs, NPOs etc. Grant Approval Letter Format 1 Dear Sir, We have received your request for a grant  towards the rehabilitation work for the intellectually impaired. After careful consideration, it is our pleasure to inform you that the request has been granted! Enclosed is … Continue reading “Grant Approval Letter of Acknowledgement”

Sample Acknowledgment Receipt Template

Sample acknowledgment receipt Template for receiving payments and bills from customers, Clients, and employees. This slip is used by many multinational companies and organizations. You just need to download the attached acknowledgment Receipt in MS word and excel formats to start using this billing slip. Acknowledgment Receipt Format LOGO                   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT … Continue reading “Sample Acknowledgment Receipt Template”

Payment Received, and Account Restored Acknowledgement Letter

Sample Payment Received, and Account Restored Acknowledgement Letter to clients, customers, and business partners for memberships, services, maintenance services etc. Payment Received Letter Date: Name Designation Company Address, Lahore   Subject: Payment Received, and Account Restored  Dear Sir/Madam/Customer, Your paid amount of PKR1,000.00 has been received as of 21/Nov/(Date) 13:34:22 against Account Number SNG000178247. If your … Continue reading “Payment Received, and Account Restored Acknowledgement Letter”