Letter to Open a Bank Account in Another City

Sample letter for bank branch manager to open bank account in another city, or more cities for more business branches, and offices etc.

Application Letter to Open Bank Account in another City

Mr. Brad Ashton
Head Manager
London, UK

Sir, this is Mr. George Clyne, and I have been associated with your bank for the last 7 years. As you know that I have recently been transferred to the Manchester due to the nature of my job. I may have to live there for the next couple of years therefore I request you to kindly open a bank account at your Manchester branch so that i continue to attain services provided by your bank. I have attached a form containing all the required data with this letter. Thank you.

George Clyne
Pope Town, Manchester

Request Letter for Open Second Bank Account

To: Branch Manager
Barclays Bank,
DHA, Phase III,

Dear Sir,

It is requested that I need to open a bank account in another city named as Karachi. I am having difficulties to deal with the account already in Lahore. My account number is 0123456789 I am going to shift in Karachi as a permanent resident because of business opportunities that I got, and I want to avail them for the expansions of mine business.

Looking forward for your response. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


Letter To Open a Bank Account In Another City
Letter To Open a Bank Account In Another City

Letter to Open a Bank Account in another City

The Bank Manager,
XYZ Bank.

Dear Mr.XYZ.
Sir, it is stated that I have been an account holder at your bank since the past five years, and I must say that my experience with your bank has been great thus far. Your bank is the most reliable one which takes me to my main reason of writing this letter.

Sir, as I am being transferred to Beijing now, I am leaving the city next week, and since I want your bank to the one that manages my account I would like you to kindly open a Bank Account under the same preferences that my current account is labeled on.

I hope that you shall find my matter concerning, and grant my request as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

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