Shipment Receiving Form Template

Shipment Received Form Template with Letter Format in Excel for free download. This shipment receiving form can be used in textile units, and production units to record, and maintain shipment records to clients.

Example Shipping And Receiving Form Template

Shipping and Receiving Form

Date: __________

Sender Information: Name:________ Address: ______ City: ________ State: ______ Zip: _______ Phone: ________ Email: ________

Receiver Information: Name: _________ Address: ________ City: ________ State: ______ Zip: ________ Phone: ____________ Email: ________

Shipment Details: Type of Shipment: ___________ Number of Packages: _________ Weight of Shipment: _____________ Dimensions of Shipment: ___________ Declared Value: ____________ Special Instructions: ___________

Carrier Information: Carrier Name: ________ Carrier Contact: ____________ Phone: _________ Email: ________

Shipping Method: Ground: ______ Air: ______ Ocean: ______ Next Day: ______ 2nd Day: ______ 3-5 Day: ______

Receiver’s Signature: ____________________________________________

Thank you for choosing our company for your shipping and receiving needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [contact information].

Prepared By the Head of the Department

Fabric Receiving Document
Manager Accounts, Lahore Textile Mills  Date: 
Dear Sir,      
We receive the following ___________________________ fabric from ___________________________ For __________________________
 2 35 es/1314/13 20X26 103″/105″ VAGA 360

Image view of shipment received form

Shipment Receiving Form Format
Shipment Receiving Form Format

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Shipment Received Letter, and Form Format

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