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Sample Demand Letter for Return of Vehicle

Format of sample letter for return of vehicle to vehicle management of your company as you are leaving the job and its per your term to return the automobile to the company.

Sample Demand Letter for Return of Vehicle

John Albert

7th street, Downtown, New York


Respected Employee,

My name is Roger and I am from the Vehicle Management department of your company. John you were an employee in this firm form 2014-2016 and now you resigned 2 days ago. As all the perks come with the retiring age you received a golden hand shake from our firm. But I am very sorry to break this to you that the car you were given in 2014 is not part of the deal. Now you are retired and you are bound to return the car to the firm. The car was a Silver Mustang. Model Number #93939.License Plate number #jd4596. This car was under your use from 2014-2016, but now you have 3 working days to return this car back to the firm. I hope you will do it as early as possible.

Car# Silver Mustang

License Plate Number #jd4596

Model Number #93939


Sample Demand Letter for Return of Vehicle

To: Abel Wesley
Long Beach, California, United States

Mr. Wesley,

Our records indicate that the company had provided you with a temporary pick-up truck vehicle last week.

We would like to remind you that this was given to you for a single day when it was needed, and it is no longer necessary for you to keep the vehicle. Therefore, we request the immediate return of the pick-up truck; otherwise you may face charges or other consequences from the company.

Ashley Brooke — HR Department
Eastern Contracting Ltd.
Long Beach, California, United States


Sample Notice to Vacate Apartment

Format of sample notice to send to tenants when the house, apartment, shop you have given them on a lease but now want them to vacate it as you want it back.

Landlord Notice To Vacate Letter

It is hereby notified to you,that the last date for vacating the apartment is 01-01-2000.

Due to certain circumstances, the company needs to vacate your apartment urgently. Our one-year contract is expiring by the end of this month and company cannot provide you any relaxation.

Hence, it is requested to you to vacate this apartment by the end of this month. Your advance payment will also be returned to you on the respective day.

Kindly abide by the deadline to avoid any further inconvenience.

Thank you

Sample Notice to Vacate Apartment

To: Tenant residing in Room 342
JYSK Apartments, New Brunswick, Canada

It has come to our attention that you have not paid the rent, electricity bill, and the gas bill for more than 1 month.
We give all our tenants prior notices when these bills are due, and we charge a late fee if necessary. However, you have exceeded the last payment date for all bills you are required to pay, and have even exceeded the late payment date.

It is requested that you vacate the apartment immediately and pay the outstanding fee, or you will risk being evicted and the payment shall be assigned to a credit collection agency.

James Robinson
Landlord of JYSK Apartments
New Brunswick, Canada

Ultimatum Letter to Employer

Sample letter to give ultimatum to an employee who has not coming on time, misbehaving, procrastination in work or any other issue by the boss/employer.

Ultimatum Letter to Employee

Mr. (Enter Employee Name Here),

Dear Employee,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the whole office staff as this letter concerns everyone you work with. It has been reported to the CEO quite a number of times now that your attitude and behavior in the office premises is very unprofessional and needs to be addressed. The way you harass the female staff is totally unacceptable. I ignored a few of your complaints on a few occasions thinking that you may mend your ways but when I heard that you harass the female staff I had to write this ultimatum letter to you.

You must mend your ways immediately or else the office staff will fire you and not grant you any recommendation letters. We hope you understand that office is a place where you have to stay professional and disciplined.

Thank you,

Ultimatum Letter to Employer

This is an ultimatum letter to you for your insincerity towards your job. You have been found absconded from your job yesterday. You have already given one warning before. Your attendance for this month is also not acceptable.

This is the last warning to you from the department. Kindly come to the Chairman’s office along with an explanation letter for your negligence.

Complaint Letter About Delivery Service

Following Letter can be use by customers who are not satisfied with the delivery service of an online shopping portal.

Complaint Letter for Shipment Delay


The manager, Daraz.PK

Respected sir,

With due respect, this letter has been written to inform you that I have placed an order through your website 3 weeks ago. I have also paid the amount through credit card but still I have got no response from your end. I have called several times on your company’s number but I have got no response. What kind of service are you providing to the customers? I am waiting for my goods from last 3 weeks. This sort of unprofessional behavior can result into losing your customers. Please find attached receipt of the items. Please respond to my request of refund me the amount I have wasted on your site. I hope you will take action to my complaint as soon as possible. Thank you.


Mr. Ali Shah

Complaint Letter About Delivery Service


28 days back on 18th September 2018, I placed an order on While I was confirming my order, it was mentioned that I will receive the package within 3-5 working days. Even after 3 weeks, I did not receive my order and whenever I used to call the helpline, they would respond me with the same dialogue every time, ”Your order has been dispatched and you will receive it within 2-3 days”. Just yesterday, the delivery man came to deliver the items and took 4500 PKR from me. When I went back in and checked the items, I was very disappointed to see that one item which was made of glass was broken. Also, I totaled the price of all the items, just to find out that delivery man collected more amount from me. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. This is the first time when I ordered from your website. I demand refund of the extra amount taken by delivery man along with the amount of broken item in my package. You can contact me for further information. I will be looking forward to your response.



Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

Contact _________



Warning Letter for Tenant

Format of giving a warning letter to the tenants who are causing disruption in the society and not living as peacefully as you would have expected them to be. So this template will give you an idea on what to write and how to write it.

Warning Letter to Tenant for Illegally Living

Dear tenants,

I am writing to you because I would like to issue you with the final evacuation notice. You are illegally living in a home after the date of first of March 20XX this was the date of evacuation but you have simply ignored the notice so now this time is final warning otherwise the next step for me is to take this to court.

I don’t want this any more than you do so please leave my property you have been given more than enough warnings and notices. I hope that you will do as I say. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,


Warning Letter for Tenant

The intent of writing this letter is to warn you about your highly objectionable habits. The society is not happy with your attitude. Your neighbors have complained that you bring your friends every night to your apartment and you drink all night. It is against the decorum of this society. This is a residential area, and the families who live around you feel disgusted with your licentious habits. Please do not create bad atmosphere in this society.

This is a last warning from the administration of this society. You are advised to abide by the rules of this society. You must mend your habits if you want to keep your residence here.

I hope you will not make us expel you from this society

Warning Letter for Tenant

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with much disappointment to inform you about your attitude that I have been noticing for quite a while. Yesterday, when I visited the house I was shocked to see the condition of it. The house was very unclean and the lawn outside was dried out. I examined the kitchen and bathrooms as well and there were many leaking pipes. You did not inform me of any such incidents. The fence surrounding the lawn has been broken as well and is quite dangerous as anyone could enter the house through that entrance. Your careless behavior is making me reconsider my decision. I am not pleased with your attitude since you behave rudely and do not pay the rent on time. If you continue with the same behavior I am sorry to say but I will have to evict you and find a new tenant.

I hope you will keep my warning in your mind and change your behavior accordingly.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

10th October 2018

Salary Deduction Letter to Employee

Sample Warning Letter to Employee For Salary Deduction by HR Department. When an employee is slacking in his work its important to send him a reminder notice that how he is lucky to have a job and what’s it worth via warning email.

Example Salary Deduction Letter To Employee Due To Absence


Mr. Clay Mark, HR department

Respected sir,

It is to inform you that you have taken 12 leaves this month out of which 4 were your casual leaves and 8 were your earned leave. As per the company’s policy your salary for the 8 days is deducted and the remaining salary is transferred to your account. It is always advised to the employees to remain punctual in order to avoid any inconvenience.


Acoounts Department,


Salary Deduction Letter to Employee for Absence


Mr. John Foley, assistant manager Sales Department

Respected sir,

With due respect, it is to inform you that you have taken 5 extra leaves last month without informing us, therefore your salary has been deducted this month for these extra 5 leaves. We understand the concern and emergencies that can occur but we always advise our employees to inform us so they may not face such inconveniences. We hope that it will not be repeated next time. Thank you.


Mr. John sam,

Accounts department

Salary Deduction Letter to Employee for Absence

To the addressee:

We regret to inform you that your salary for the month of September, 2018 will be deducted. We do not take these decisions to deduct salary lightly, and the ruling for this is due to your constant absence.

Our employees are an asset to our company. We expect all our workers to be motivated and arrive on time for their job. If an employee wishes to take an absence or leave from work, he is to contact me beforehand. We have no issues with informed absences that are within reason. Your repeated instances of unprofessional and absence without notice has had a negative impact on our workforce. Unfortunately, you have not demonstrated the capability to be consistent with daily tasks.

This salary deduction is temporary, as we believe in second chances —  if you can redeem yourself, your original salary will be reinstated. However, further incompetence will result in more severe consequences.


Principal Robert McFee

Salary Deduction Letter to Employee

 Dear Employee,

I have sent you this letter to inform you regarding the deduction amount of your salary. Unfortunately, these have been some issues these pasts month which led me to take this step as a warning.

I received a report on 23rd September 2018 that there was an accident which led to two computers falling from table and were destroyed beyond repairing. Unfortunately, after watching the footage it was clear that it was not an accident but you along with your fellow were pushing each other which led to these computers falling. I didn’t expect such unprofessional behavior from you during working hours. Whether the pushing was a joke or a fight, it led to damage and as per policy such behavior would not be tolerated under any circumstances and the cost of computers will be deducted from your and the other employees’ salary.

Please try to avoid this sort of situation and take this as your warning. I hope I will not receive any complain in future regarding you.



25th September 2018


Salary Deduction Letter to Employee

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that due to certain circumstances your salary is being deducted. Since the past month I have been taking regular rounds of the office and have been keeping a check on everyone’s work. I am displeased by your careless attitude towards your work. You do not keep a check on deadlines and submit your work late. Upon an inquiry from your colleagues, you have been misbehaved with them as well quite a number of times.  Furthermore, you have been taking leaves without any permission or applications. Unfortunately, due to these circumstances I am deducting your salary and will continue to do so until further notice.

I hope you will change your behavior accordingly so I can reconsider my decision.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

10th October 2018


Warning Letter Sample for Bad Attitude

Sample warning letter to student, teacher, employee for bad attitude, misbehavior, rude behavior or unprofessional behavior. Template of warning letter to employees who have been showing disrespect at workplace and creating problems for other people.

Warning Letter for Bad Attitude

The Parents

Dear parents,
I am writing this letter to you with utmost respect but as the situation got really difficult for the school management to handle, this had to be done. It is stated that your son has been a show of bad attitude, both in his classes and outside of the classroom. His insulting attitude towards his teachers and fellow students is totally unacceptable and needed to be addressed immediately. Using harsh words in the classroom or anyone on the campus premises is something we consider totally unacceptable.

Consider this as a warning letter to your son, if his bad attitude doesn’t change and stays the same. I regret to inform you that he shall be expelled from the school without any further warnings. We hope you will not take this letter lightly and watch after your son.

Thanking you,

Warning Letter for Bad Behavior

Dear Mr. Nelson Brown,

I am writing to you because I am very ashamed that you are working for this company. If I had my way you would be out of a job here. But it is not my decision. Your actions and behavior is shameful, especially with the women staff. This is going to be your only warning if you ever show the slightest bit of bad behavior then your position here is terminated. I hope that you will listen and I look forward to seeing the change in you.

Yours sincerely,


Warning Letter For Rudeness to Supervisor


Mr. Brake Jamie, Packing department

It is to inform you that the company is observing your behavior and dedication towards your work and we are regretfully informing you that your performance as well as your behaviors is disappointing us. We have come to know about your misbehave with the supervisor. This sort of attitude is totally unbearable in the company. Your supervisor has all the rights to correct your mistakes and being at a senior position he deserves respect. Company is giving you the last warning and next time there will be no other chance. We expect you to give your best to maintain your position.


Administration officer, Packages

Warning letter for attitude problem


Mr. George Martin, supply chain department

Dear Mr. Martin, We have received number of complaints regarding your behavior with other employees. We have already warned you for this issue previously and we advised you to bring changes in your attitude. We have a very strict policy regarding behavior of employee.  Every person working here is equal and has same respect level as you and I have. We aim to maintain a friendly atmosphere which let people work peacefully over here.Breaching this rule will result in the job loss of that specific employee. This is the last warning to you to chance your behavior with the staff otherwise higher authorities will look into it and will make decision accordingly.


Mr. Joe Saun,

Manager HR

Warning letter for attitude problem

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with much disappointment to inform you that I have been noticing your attitude since a few days and I am not very pleased with it. Your attitude towards your work is very careless and you do not seem to treat your colleagues with the amount of respect they deserve. You behave in a rude manner with your colleagues and I have received not only complaints from them but have also experienced this myself. Whenever you are given a deadline you never submit your work on and tend to create excuses each time. If you continue with this same behavior I will have no choice but to replace your position with someone else.

I hope you will take notice of my warning and change your behavior accordingly.


Asif Ali

Director HR

18th October 2018

Warning Letter to Teacher for Beating Students

Sample warning email letter to teacher for beating students in school, college, academy or institute.

Sample Warning Letter to Teacher for Corporal Punishment

Dear Mr. Kelvin Jackson

I am writing to you because I have been given the task of giving you a final warning in writing. As you know as teachers we have a responsibility of care to all our students. We have a limit a boundary line on how far we can go into punishing them. You have already been given two warnings over the past two months so this is your final warning.

If you ever hit a student or even threaten one you will be out of a job and I will personally make sure that you never work in a school again. I will be keeping a close eye on you in the future and if I hear from anyone that you have hit a student in any way you can kiss your teaching career goodbye. I hope that you have taken everything that I have said into consideration and that you will never again his a student. I look forward to seeing what you have decided to do.

Kind regards

Head teacher Mr. Simon Small

Warning Letter to Teacher for Beating a Student

Respected Madam,

It is stated that we are receiving continues complain about your behavior with students, and yesterday was so shocking for us that parents of a child told us about the terrible act performed by you i-e you’ve beaten their kid. So sorry but this kind of behavior is objectionable. So this is the last warning for you otherwise we will take strict action against you.




Warning Letter for Teacher Absenteeism

Warning letter for absent without approval. Warning letter to employee for unauthorised absence. Warning letter to employee for excessive absence. Letter to employee regarding unauthorised absence.

Warning Letter for Frequent Absenteeism to Teacher

Dear Mr. Tony August

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the late absenteeism from yourself over the past month. I would like to remind you that we are a government funded school and we have a duty to our students who put the effort into coming into school every day to come and learn. They are kids and I’m sure that they would rather be somewhere else. So the fact that you have been skipping classes and not calling in saying why and giving us time to get cover means that you are letting the students down. This is very shameful. Even the youngest of our kids can get up and come into school. This is your final warning and keep in your mind you have a fixed salary and if you skip again I’m sure the government will deduct money from your salary. I hope that you will think about what I have said and I look forward to seeing you in school on time on Monday.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Nick Jonas

Warning Letter for Teacher Absenteeism

Respected Madam,

Hope you are doing well. This letter is to inform you that you’ve now cross the leaves limit and you haven’t told us the reason of leaves. We are sending you this warning letter, so please be regular as our project is on final stage we can’t afford any kind of risk. This is your last warning.



Project head

Written Warning for Unprofessional Behavior

Warning letter to employee for unacceptable behavior. Warning letter for bad behavior. Warning letter for rude behavior. Warning letter for bad attitude at work. Sample warning letter for misbehavior.

Written Warning for Unprofessional Behavior

Dear employee,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss you very unprofessional behavior. As a very successful business company we cannot afford to have any bad reputation. Being in this company you have to have a professional behavior at all times when you are on the companies premises.  Your behavior can get you arrested if you decide to go further.

Not only is your behavior unprofessional but it is harassment for the other person and if word got out that we employ someone who feels that it is right to display that sort of behavior then we could ruin the future for this company when we need to employ more people. This is your final warning pack it in for you will be out of a job

Kind regards,

Company director

Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior

Respected Mr. Zain Waseem,

This is a warning letter to you from Transcript data (company’s name) that you are showing very unprofessional behavior from some days as you’re coming late and not submitting your work on time and those which you’ve submitted contain so many mistakes. Office manager have already warned you for your attitude towards office now this is the last warning letter.

So please cooperate with us otherwise strict action would be done against you.



Warning for Rude Behavior of Student

Name of the student
Roll number
Class section

Dear Mr. Ross!

This letter is your last official warning to make you aware of your rude behavior in this college. In the last six months you have failed every test that you have taken. Your attendance is equal to none and when you graced the class with your presence you constantly fought with teachers and pick fights with your class mates. This kind of attitude is completely intolerable in this college. This is your last warning to make things right for yourself.

Either you start giving attention to your academic life or next time even if I will receive a complaint on you not being getting to class in time you will be expelled from this college. I hope you will take this seriously and will turn your life around.


Principal signature