Clearance Letter Format for Employee

Sample clearance letters for employees, office staff, students of school, college, and university is available. Sample clearance letter for employee who is leaving  job, or already left the job from company, or office. Sample clearance letter for Resigned employee by the head of department as a clearance letter to join the new job, and show them as a proof of relieving from the duties of previous job.

Sample Clearance Letter for Resigned Employee

Date: _________________
Manager Human Resource
OBTC Pvt. Ltd.
XX, Phase III, DHA,

Subject: Clearance from Resource Development Department

This is to acknowledge that Mr. Hussain Shah RD Officer Left his job from AH Foundation at the end of March (Date). He served the organization very honestly during his employment, and now because of his Gov’t Job he resigned from OBTC for immediate joining, and training sessions. Sales department has no obligation after his resignation. We wish him best in future.

Saima Jillani
Sales Department

No Objection Letter Certificate for Employee

To Whom It May Concern

It is stated that Mr. Rafiq Hamid has been working in Excise, and Taxation Department as an accountant since (Date). During his tenure he has been paying his duties honestly, and efficiently. Now he resigned from his job to join his new job in the irrigation department. His resignation has been accepted by the head of the department. So he has been relieved of his duties from June (Date).

We wish him all success, and progress.

Head of Department (Excise, and Taxation)
Signatory Authority

Clearance Letter Sample From Employer

To Whom It May Concern

Ms. Emal has worked for two years with SemiOffice Corp. She got the clearance at the time of resignation from all the required/relevant departments of the company. So there is no any obligation on Ms. Emal after the date of her resignation from the company. This letter is issued on the request of Ms. Emal.


Manager HR Policy

Clearance Letter Sample after Resignation

To Whom It May Concern

It is to certify that Ms. Asma Cashier, and Accountant Accordingly at Bank Of Punjab Liberty Branch has handed over all the cash, books, computers with login to the Branch Operations Manager. Now bank do not have any obligations/complaints on the applicant. This letter is been issued upon the request of Ms. Asma.


Operation Manager
BOP Liberty

Clearance Letter Sample From School

To Whom It May Concern

It is to certify that Ms. Momina has cleared, and stamped all the sections mentioned in our school clearance form from relevant departments, and Now onward school do not have any obligations in any manner.


Naila Sami

Clearance Letter Sample From Doctor

To Whom It May Concern

As required by the recruitment agency all necessary medical tests of Ms. Kanza D/O Faisal Khan has performed. The final medical report of Ms. Kanza is enclosed with this letter. For any further information you may contact our laboratory numbers 042-31234567-8, and talk to Doctor Inayat Hussain.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Zafar Iqbal
MS. Lahore Hospital

Clearance Letter Sample From Employer
Clearance Letter Sample From Employer

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