Sample Acknowledgment Receipt Template

Sample acknowledgment receipt Template for receiving payments and bills from customers, Clients, and employees. This slip is used by many multinational companies and organizations. You just need to download the attached acknowledgment Receipt in MS word and excel formats to start using this billing slip.

Acknowledgment Receipt Format

LOGO                   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                  Customer Copy
Receipt No. _________ Account No: ____________
Name: _____________________
Received Cash/Cheque/Credit Card # _____________
Date: ____________ Bank _______________
On Account of : _______________
Amount in Words: ______________________
Amount in Figures: ________________
Received on Behalf of: ( Company Name) Signatures: ______


Application Received Letter, and Email Sample

Dear Sir/Madam,
We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your application for the provision of a Domestic gas connection at the following address:
Address: Model Town, Lahore.
Nearest Place: ____________ CNIC: 000-02-0000000-0
We will now our selves contact you tentatively after two weeks. Your application shall be treated as valid for further consideration in the future.

Yours faithfully,


For General Manager

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Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Template Free Download

Acknowledgement Receipt

The Sales Manager

Binco Clothing.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this to inform you that goods delivered by your staff have been received at our premises, and upon inspection and counting, we have found them satisfactory. The detail of the items is attached to this letter. Kindly send us an invoice as early as possible so that we can pay at the specified time.

I hope that we will keep up this working relationship.



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