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Bank Account Opening Letter for Company Employee

Sample application letter to bank manager to open your company employees, managers, executives, and teachers’ bank account. Sometimes banks ask for this letter from employer or company to open a basic bank account or salary-based bank account to transfer salaries/ payroll.

Request for Opening Employee Bank Account

Bank Name & Branch Address

Dear Sir or Madam,
I request you to please open a bank account for our newly hired employee (Employee Name & Designation if needed) for payroll purposes. We will provide any required documents. I hope you will oblige my request.
Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name | Designation | Company Stamp)

Employee Salary Account Opening Letter to Bank

The Western Bank

Dear Branch Manager,
I am (Your Name), (your designation) at (company name) dealing for accounts and finance department. As per policy, the salaries are only transferred to the employee bank accounts opened in your bank. So I request you to please open a bank account for our new employee as per following details.

Name: (Name of Employee)
Designation: (Designation of Employee)
Social Security Number: (Number of any legal document)
Contact Number:(Mobile Number of Employee)

A filled A/C Opening form is also enclosed/attached. If you need any further information, do let me know. Looking for your action.

Your Name

Employee Bank Account Opening Letter for Salary

The Branch Manager,

Subject: Request to Open a Bank Account for Company’s New Employee

Dear Sir,
You are requested to open a payroll bank account for (Employee Name). He has been hired as the Regional Sales Manager w.e.f. (Date), at our firm, (Company Name). The monthly salary is $7500 only.

Please find the legal documents, photographs, and the filled Account Opening Form enclosed with this letter. Kindly open a payroll bank account as per our mutual terms as soon as possible.


Sarah, Finance Manager

Application to Bank Opening Account of Govt. Employee

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that I am a govt employee and have recently been posted to this city. It is pertinent to mention that I am an account holder of your bank for the last 15 years and that I am fully satisfied with the services being provided by your bank and want to keep enjoying the same in this city also.

It is, therefore, requested that a bank account may please be opened in my name in your branch so that I can withdraw my salary from the same. An attested copy of my identity card along with posting/appointment certificate duly signed and stamped by my office seal is attached herewith. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Zaka Ahmad

Employee Pay Account Opening letter

The Manager
Standard Chartered Bank

Subject: New Bank Account Opening Request Letter

It is certified that (Name) is an employee of (Company Name) as a (Desitnation) with a salary of (Amount of Salary) monthly/weekly. Please open a new bank account with all the standard facilities for this employee.

Please entertain this request and facilitate the employee as soon as possible and oblige.

Best Regards,

Finance Manager

Bank Account Opening Letter for Teacher

Respected Bank Manager,

Thank you very much for your best banking services for our school. On behalf of our school director, I request you to please open a basic banking account or Salary account on behalf of our school for the newly hired teacher Ms. Sumbal.

Ms. Sumbal will visit your branch with this letter and all other required documents for the account opening.

Thanking You,

Nazima Ham

Bank Account Opening Letter For Employees Salary

The Branch Manager
Barclays Bank Ltd

Subject: Employee Bank Account Opening Request

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to certify that Mr. Dilshad S/O Manzoor, NIC ————-, is hired as Officer Resource Development in our Foundation from May 20—. We request you to open his bank account at Standard Chartered Bank as per our understanding.


Finance Secretary

Request Letter for Salary Bank Account Opening of New Employees

Dear Branch Manager,

Thank you very much for your banking services to our company and employees. Recently we hired new employees. I am writing to request you to please open their bank accounts in your esteemed bank as per our contract for salary and monthly payment transfers.

Details of the staff members with required documents are enclosed.

Following are the name of staff members :

  1. Zaighum
  2. Shakeel
  3. Noman   

All the staff members and company will be at your complete disposal for any information or document that you may require.

Thanking you,


Email to Bank for Employee Account Opening of New Staff

Respected Branch Manager,

Through this letter, I express my gratitude towards your valuable banking services for our company and employees. I hope that our affiliation continues and we will have more cooperation in the future.

Our company hired some new staff members recently, hence I am writing on behalf of our company requesting for their account opening at your bank.

Employee’s details including their NIC and duly filled bank account opening forms are attached with this email. Looking for your cooperation.

Thanking you,

Manager PayRoll

Letter to bank manager for opening account for employee

The Bank Manager,

This is to confirm that Mr. Habeeb, Passport No.___________ ____has been working with us since_______________ on the position of ________. His monthly salary is $12560/- inclusive all the benefits.

Please help him in opening a saving account with your bank at the earliest.

This letter is being issued at the employee’s request and the company takes no responsibility of his any kind of liabilities with the bank. But we do expect the bank to provide him with benefits as per our contract.

Best Regards,
Hesham Aatia,
Sr. Manager Human Resource

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