Application for Shift Change in Office

Application for shift change in office. Request letter to change working hours. Request letter for change of office time.

Application for Change of Shift in Office

The Manger,
Model Town, Karachi

Dear Sir,

It is to bring to your notice the happy news of my marriage. Next month 14 February (Date) I am getting married by the grace of Allah Almighty. I will be personally paying a visit to you soon to invite you to my wedding, as soon as wedding cards are printed.

Sir, I am going to step into more responsibilities as wedding demands it, also that after marriage I will be shifting to my own rented apartment.

Sir, it is requested to change my shift timings from evening to morning shift. Sir, I have had a good record in regularity, and being punctual from last 3 years. I want to maintain my record being regular, and punctual, and achieve company’s yearly pay increments, and other incentives. Sir, I am aiming high for I have to bear my expenses.

Kindly accept my application, and your humble approval is requested.

Yours Sincerely,

Jan Mohammad
(Evening Shift manager)

Application for Shift Time Change in Office

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to put a request in for changing the shift pattern in the office. All the office employee’s work a rotating shift pattern, and it is always the same people same routine. I would like to chance this as I have a family, and because of this the only time they get to see me is some time during the day, and my kids are at school, and sometimes at night, and my family are asleep. This is not fair.

I am not the only one who feels this way. I hope that you can change the shift in the office. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Tobias Champ

Application for Shift Timing Change at Work

Dear Sir,

I want to change my duty time from morning to night due to some personal reasons. My father is admitted in hospital so I’ve to stay with him at day time. Basically my younger brother is studying in school, and he is not allowed leave. That’s why I’m requesting to you, and it is company’s policy that if an employ wants to shuffle his/her duty timings he/she can request to company.

Thank you


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  1. Application for shift timing issue in my ofc (b.p.p) I want mng shift 6am-3am…due to practice in medical I studying pathology so want morning shift time

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