Letter for Replacement of Products Found Defective

Sample Letter to Return the broken, damaged, dented, and Wrecked Products to the supplier or store from where you ordered them. Request letter for replacement of damaged items.

Letter to Request Replacement of Defective Products

Respected Manager,

We bought a (product name) from your shop on (date here). But when I checked at home, I found it broken.

You are requested to either replace the (product name) or refund the full amount immediately. The order receipt and the images of broken pieces are attached to this email for you to view.

I will be grateful for your cooperation and replacement.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Replace the Products

Dear Sales Manager,

I purchased a lawnmower last month from your company. When I started it and began mowing my garden, I was surprised to see that the grass had no effect even after moving. The grass was as long as it was before. On inspection, I was again surprised to see that the cutter was not rotating. So I request the company to replace such a product.


Your Name

Letter Requesting Replacement Defective Product

Dear Sir,

Reference is made to my online request dated (date here) regarding the purchase of a cricket bat from your distribution point, which was delivered on (date here) at my residence through a courier service. Sir, I want to bring to your kind notice that when I received the bat from the courier agent, it was tightly packed, and it was not possible at that time to inspect the product properly.

Moreover, I could not check it for three days due to my business until Sunday arrived, so I unpacked it so it could be used in the match. But as soon as I removed its packing, I noticed a minute crevice just near the bottom part of the bat, which shocked me a bit, and it drove me to carry out a thorough inspection of the product, and I found another very prominent crack just near its handle, and which clearly reveals that a defective item was delivered to me, as per the warranty provisions of your company you are bound to replace such products with a good one or refund my payment within one week. Hence it is requested to take appropriate action as per warranty rules.


Nick Golaza

Letter to Return Defective Product

The food, Inc

Dear Sir,

We have placed an order for 100 furniture desks (date here) and shipment reached at (date here). As you know, it would spoil our reputation as shipment of 45 desks was found defective.

I hope you will take the necessary steps to stop the recurrence. We are keeping those desks in our store room.

We await your response as soon as we believe it was a mistake.

Yours Sincerely,


Letter for Replacement of Products Found Defective
Letter for Replacement of Products Found Defective

Product Replacement Letter to Customer with Apology

The ABC Company,

Respected Client,

We, the management of your branch, is actually hired a few people for our organization who are really doing a great job and giving great business to our company. This is for the first time that we have received a complaint, and we highly regret that, and we assure you that we are not going to suffer from this kind of problem in the future, and we really apologize for our mistake. We are definitely going to replace that defective material and provide you with even better quality soon.

Hope you will remain our customer for life long.

Happy Customer Service,

Aysha Yasir

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