Letter Requesting Donation For School

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Letter Requesting Donation for School



DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir,

Sun Institute being a prestigious institute known for training, educating, and grooming special children requires your generous attention in the form of a donation. Your donation, and help can bring smile to millions of faces helping them to lead a good life in the premises of Sun Institute.

The amount of donation in Sun Institute starts from Rs. 5,000, and can vary depending upon how much you want to help, or support the noble cause. The donation will be used in educating, and fulfilling all the basic needs of the special children. Your support will be highly appreciated, and we look forward to strengthen our relationship with you.



Letter Requesting Funding For School

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I’m writing this on behalf of my school Government Public High School for Girls which is situated in the backward area of Punjab. This is the only school for girls in our area, and the girls are in large strength. I am a student of 10th standard, and I have spent ten pleasant years of my life here when the environment was very clean, tidy, and healthy for the students.

Everyone was playing their role very well weather they were teachers, principal, or the students. Teachers do pay some more attention to the extracurricular activities so the students could remain healthy, and will be able to perform well in their particular domain but now it’s being very difficult to see the condition of all the students, and even the faculty because they are suffering with very low budget.

We are facing really serious problems like teachers are leaving as they are not getting their pays, food with the good quality is not serving, the walls of the classrooms are dirty as hell, and seats filled with dirt, sweepers are not there, the play grounds shows the look of some garbage area. The reason of telling you all this is to request you to grant us, and our management some funds, so our management could be able to raise that shine again which was actually our mark like the old times. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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