Request for Replacement of Damaged Goods Letter

Sample application letter for replacing goods you ordered from online store, or during the shipment, and delivery to your home.

Request for Replacement of Broken Goods Letter


Mr. Davis

Marketing Head

Lights Co.


Sir, this is Mr. Dezmond from Dezmond Designers, and I am a frequent buyer of all the light related goods from your company. I have always received all the goods timely, and efficiently but in the recent shipment of 10,000 bulbs, and tube lights, 200 were broken, and around 600 were not in working condition. I am sure there must have been a hiccup otherwise this is very unusual. Also, because of this damaged shipment, my client has to impatiently wait, and we fear of losing the client so kindly replace the goods with new, and effective ones in upcoming days. I am sure that this issue will be resolved soon. Thank you.

Mr. Dezmond

Dezmond Designers

18821 Birmingham, UK

Sample Letter for Product Replacement


Mr. Mathew

General Manager Heir International


Dear Mr. Mathew

A few days back I ordered some home appliances through your website. I was assured that I would get the goods in excellent condition, but unfortunately it’s not. Some of goods are defected, and they are not even working. I placed this order looking at the reputation of your company. Kindly replace the appliances so I could enjoy your products. This is also mentioned in your website that any damage will be compensated. So I request you to consider it as soon as possible. Hoping for quick, and good response,

Yours sincerely,

Samson James

Application for Damage Material Return

The Shipment Supervisor


Beijing, PRC


Dear Concerned,

It is intimated to me by the packaging staff that the material we have received at our office via shipment # AXbF123 from your company is found damaged. Kindly return the material, and place a new shipment as per vendor support agreement clause IV-B. I shall appreciate your quick response in this regard.

Thanks, and Best Regards

Yours Sincerely


Packaging Manager

Request for Replacement of Damaged Goods Letter
Request for Replacement of Damaged Goods Letter

Shipping Damage Claim Letter Sample

The Movers


Respected staff,

My name is Jones, and I ordered 200 pairs of automobiles last month. This morning my shipment arrived, and against my expectations many of the automobiles were damaged. I suffered a huge loss because of the damage as I have already paid for everything. I shipped my automobiles under the tag number of #12345. Now I hope that you guys will compensate my damage through money. You are also welcome to pay visit to my home, and see the damage by yourself. It would be very great if you guys do the procedures as soon as possible, and return me my money, as I have to make new orders now.

The pictures of the damaged automobiles, and the receipt are attached with the application. I hope that you will sort out this problem soon enough.


Order number #12334


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  1. In this scenario, you are an employee of a large transportation company (ZeeZee Transport). Your company ships goods across North America using a variety of shipping methods, including trucks, trains, airplanes, and ships. You work in the logistics department, and you recently selected a trucking company, HD Trucks, to deliver a shipment of refrigerators from Toronto, Ontario, to Houston, Texas.
    Your client in Houston (Texas Chickens) called to say that the refrigerators showed up with some damage, evidently from rough handling. Three of the refrigerators are non-functional, and Texas Chickens is demanding your firm replace them, which is their right according to the contract.
    You need to investigate and find out what happened to the shipment. In addition, you need to advise HD Trucks that they need to compensate you for your loss. Send a claim request to the trucking company asking them to compensate for the three refrigerators. You would like them to ship new fridges from your Toronto facility to Houston at no cost to your company or Texas Chickens. Find out what happened and what steps the trucking company is taking to prevent this from happening in the future.

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