Application for Character Certificate by School/College Student

Application for character certificate from college for a job. Sample Request Letter for character certificate for next admission. Application for character certificate for classes 5, 6, 10, 11, etc. Sample character certificates are also available. Character Certificate Application Format for Further Studies The Principal, Army Public School Dear Sir, I hope this letter finds you well. With due respect, I am writing to … Continue reading “Application for Character Certificate by School/College Student”

Letter to Police Station for Loss of Documents

Sample letter or application to police for loss of documents/certificates. Police complaint letter format by lost certificate. Complaint letter for a lost wallet. Complaint letter format to the police station. Application for fir in the police station. Application to Police Station for Missing Documents Dear SHO, I want to inform you that I missed some important documents, … Continue reading “Letter to Police Station for Loss of Documents”

Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate

Sample application letter for requesting birth certificate from the union council, or other issuing authority. Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate To Mr. James Municipality Officer U.K, Dear Mr. James, This is Anna from Birmingham, and with due respect I am here to request you to issue my birth certificate. The reason behind this request … Continue reading “Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate”

Application for Death Certificate

Sample application for death certificate from hospital, clinic, doctor, or medical center. This application letter for death certificate is to be used to ask for death certificate from govt official authorities for closing NIC, Bank Accounts, Property Division, Business Division, or transfer by the son, daughter, brother, wife, or relatives etc. Application Letter to Hospital … Continue reading “Application for Death Certificate”

Application For Issuance Of Provisional Certificate

Sample application letter for provisional certificate from college, or university to apply for admissions in universities, colleges, schools etc. Application for Provisional Certificate from College The Principal Alpine Public College, Ajman, UAE Dear Sir, Most respectfully, it is stated that I, Umair, College Reg. No. XX43Y is the student of HSSC Part II. As our … Continue reading “Application For Issuance Of Provisional Certificate”

Request for Re Issuance of Experience Certificate

Sample request application letter for re issuance of experience certificate, or internship experience certificate to provide the new employer. Sample application to request duplicate experience certificate from company, employer, office, or factory for new job as a reference, or proof of experience. Application for Re-Issuance of Experience Certificate Dear Sir, I hope you are doing … Continue reading “Request for Re Issuance of Experience Certificate”

Application for Issuance of Health Certificate

Sample application  for issuance of health certificate from a hospital, doctor, medical, approved, or on panel labs for admission, jobs, foreign jobs etc. Application for Issuance of Health Certificate   Dr. Niazi General physician, Services Hospital, LHR. Subject: issuance of health certificate. It is to inform you that I was your patient at about a … Continue reading “Application for Issuance of Health Certificate”

Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate from School

Sample application for issuance of duplicate school leaving certificate to the headmaster of the school in the private sector, or government sector. A school leaving certificate is a compulsory document to provide for admission when you change your school or college. This certificate verifies that you were the student at your previous school of a … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate from School”

Application for School Leaving Certificate

Want to request for school leaving certificate? Sample application for school leaving certificate (SLC) for school change of your son, daughter, or nephew due to house shifting, family shifting, or job transfer of father and mother. Subject: Application for School Leaving Certificate Respected Sir/Madam, I am writing to request a School Leaving Certificate as I … Continue reading “Application for School Leaving Certificate”

Application of NOC Certificate In Bank

Sample application requesting NOC certificate from the bank where you have bank accounts, or using credit cards, loan schemes of that bank previously. NOC also known as No Objection Certificate, and banks can issue on your demand to give you clearance of your paid loans, credit card bills etc. Application for NOC to Bank Respected sir, … Continue reading “Application of NOC Certificate In Bank”

Application for Issue Of Bonafide Certificate

Sample application letter to the school, college, or university for issuance of bonafide certificate due to your best performance and educational achievement during the studies in that particular institute. Sample application for issuing a bonafide certificate from school and college. Application for Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship in University Dear Sir, With reference to my outstanding … Continue reading “Application for Issue Of Bonafide Certificate”

Clearance Certificate for Students and Teachers

Sample clearance certificate for Universities, Colleges, and Schools for the clearance of students and teachers. The clearance certificate is a document used to leave school, college, university, or office and all the departments of the company or institute. This certificate with a stamp to certify that they have no obligations upon his leaving the university. … Continue reading “Clearance Certificate for Students and Teachers”

Equivalence Certificate Format for School, College, and University Students

Sample equivalence certificate for students to change school, college, or university. Sample equivalence certificate format from university for admission purposes in Master, and Bachelor Classes. This must be printed on the letterhead of the school college or university. Who Needs an Equivalence Certificate Equivalence certificates are being used in educational schools, colleges, and universities nationally or … Continue reading “Equivalence Certificate Format for School, College, and University Students”

Medical Certificate Request Letter Format

Sample application letter for issuance of medical certificate from a doctor, institute, medical center, hospital, etc. Application for Medical Certificate from Hospital Dear Dr. Sehrish Asghar, I am Sameena, your patient of eyesight for 4 months. As you suggested rest of two weeks whenever I start the medicine. Please note I am a working lady … Continue reading “Medical Certificate Request Letter Format”

Sample Certificate of Course Completion Free Download

Sample certificate for course completion from a school, institute, academy, or by seminars. You can download the sample format of course completion certification for free, and customize this training course certificate as per your needs. Online Publishing of this certificate is prohibited. Certificate of Course Completion Template AH Foundation Certificate of Completion This is to … Continue reading “Sample Certificate of Course Completion Free Download”

Employee Clearance Form Example

Want to make an employee clearance form? We are giving you a sample Employee Clearance Form for companies, schools, colleges, universities, and offices to get in-writing clearance from employees, students, and clients. Best Employee Clearance Form Template Please indicate the status of the following items: Return of Company Property: a. Office keys: [ ] Returned … Continue reading “Employee Clearance Form Example”

Disability Certificate Format In Word for Free Download

Sample Disability Certificate Format is available for free download in MS Word and MS Excel. This sample disability certificate template is normally used to get government benefits for disabled children or persons and get jobs in the government sector or in multinational companies. Certificate of disability includes the type of disability and cause of disability … Continue reading “Disability Certificate Format In Word for Free Download”

Sample Certificate of Annual Registration

Sample Certificate of Annual Registration for the organizations who offer annual registrations, or lifetime registrations to the clients. This certificate can be printed on the letterhead of the company which is offering registrations. You can modify this certificate as per your needs. Publishing this certificate is prohibited. Certificate of Annual Registration (Short) [Your Company Name] [Company … Continue reading “Sample Certificate of Annual Registration”