Application for Permanent Residence Certificate

How to apply for permanent residence certificate. UK permanent residence card processing time. Permanent residence card uk 10 years. Sample cover letter for permanent residence application. Residential certificate format. An application for Permanent resident certificate The District Officer, National Database System, New Delhi. May 15, Dear Sir, I wish to apply for the subject request on account of eligibility of a job required by a government department … Continue reading “Application for Permanent Residence Certificate”

Application Letter to Submit Medical Certificate

Medical leave letter format for office. Sample letter for a medical leave of absence. Sample letter for leave of absence from work due to illness. Medical leave letter from a doctor. Excuse letter for absence due to illness—medical leave letter for school. Application to Submit Medical Certificate Lately Dear Sir, I want to submit my … Continue reading “Application Letter to Submit Medical Certificate”

Application for Character Certificate by School/College Student

Application for character certificate from college for a job. Sample Request Letter for character certificate for next admission. Application for character certificate for classes 5, 6, 10, 11, etc. Sample character certificates are also available. Application Requesting Character Certificate for College To,The Student Affairs Department, Kingston College Dear Sir, With due respect, I beg to say that I have applied to Oxford College, … Continue reading “Application for Character Certificate by School/College Student”

Letter to Police Station for Loss of Documents

Sample letter or application to police for loss of documents/certificates. Police complaint letter format by lost certificate. Complaint letter for a lost wallet. Complaint letter format to the police station. Application for fir in the police station. Application to Police Station for Missing Documents Dear SHO, I want to inform you that I missed some important documents, … Continue reading “Letter to Police Station for Loss of Documents”

Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate

Sample application letter for requesting birth certificate from the union council, or other issuing authority. Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate To Mr. James Municipality Officer U.K, Dear Mr. James, This is Anna from Birmingham, and with due respect I am here to request you to issue my birth certificate. The reason behind this request … Continue reading “Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate”

Application for Death Certificate

Sample application for death certificate from hospital, clinic, doctor, or medical center. This application letter for death certificate is to be used to ask for death certificate from govt official authorities for closing NIC, Bank Accounts, Property Division, Business Division, or transfer by the son, daughter, brother, wife, or relatives etc. Application Letter to Hospital … Continue reading “Application for Death Certificate”

Application For Issuance Of Provisional Certificate

Sample application letter for provisional certificate from college, or university to apply for admissions in universities, colleges, schools etc. Application for Provisional Certificate from College The Principal Alpine Public College, Ajman, UAE Dear Sir, Most respectfully, it is stated that I, Umair, College Reg. No. XX43Y is the student of HSSC Part II. As our … Continue reading “Application For Issuance Of Provisional Certificate”

Request for Re Issuance of Experience Certificate

Sample request application letter for re issuance of experience certificate, or internship experience certificate to provide the new employer. Sample application to request duplicate experience certificate from company, employer, office, or factory for new job as a reference, or proof of experience. Application for Re-Issuance of Experience Certificate Dear Sir, I hope you are doing … Continue reading “Request for Re Issuance of Experience Certificate”

Application for Issuance of Health Certificate

Sample application  for issuance of health certificate from a hospital, doctor, medical, approved, or on panel labs for admission, jobs, foreign jobs etc. Application for Issuance of Health Certificate   Dr. Niazi General physician, Services Hospital, LHR. Subject: issuance of health certificate. It is to inform you that I was your patient at about a … Continue reading “Application for Issuance of Health Certificate”

Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate from School

Sample application for issuance of duplicate school leaving certificate to the headmaster of the school in the private sector, or government sector. A school leaving certificate is a compulsory document to provide for admission when you change your school or college. This certificate verifies that you were the student at your previous school of a … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate from School”