Essay on My Best Teacher in School


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My Best Teacher in School Essay

As soon as we start our schooling we enter the professional world of education. The first person that we come across in that world is the person who takes the responsibility of our learning, and that person plays a huge role in making, or breaking our personality. Usually all the things that we learn from our birth till we are four years old are from our parents. Starting from alphabets to mathematics table our mother keeps repeating that in front of us to help us memorize it.

But the person that has no association, or familiarity before but makes us learn anything, and challenge us to be the best version of ourselves is called Teacher. Now starting right from play groups the long list of our teachers start, and it goes on until we stop studying. When we study in school we have the most impressionable minds then which means if we are lucky enough to have good teachers then we are in safe hands but if we are not as lucky to call any of our teachers as our mentor then we may face a little difficulty in overcoming our fears.

I was one of the few lucky ones who had teacher in their school life when they needed to confide in someone the most. I remember Mrs. Jane she was a gentle soul always encouraging student to give everything their best shot. I have never seen a teacher that understands her student psyche as best as she used to. She could only take a look at her student, and tell if there is something going on with him, or her.

I was always a shy student it took me time as question to teachers, and I was never chatty one. Mrs. Jane knew that every student has its own strength, and weaknesses, and she also never pushed anyone to be the same. If someone like me who did not use to ask much question, or talk a lot she used to ask us questions in a certain way that did not feel like interrogation, and not make us look like fools. I was an average satisfactory student till my sixth grade I was doing fine with my grades but I was also not the best.

When in seventh grade Mrs. Jane was appointed as my class teacher, and the way she used to counsel us more than teach us made me want to do best to make her proud of me. She was a natural motivator, a nurturer she used to believe on the ideology of student are future, and the way to not make them rebel is by understanding them , by gently guiding them, and most of all by listening to them so that they do not feel as they are not being listened to.

Now it has been ten years since I have taken a class from her, and right now I am a student at one of the top most university of state but still whenever I am being asked about my favorite teacher her gentle aura, and polite smile comes to my mind.

Essay on My Ambition in Life to Become a Doctor


Essay on my ambition in life to become a doctor in English. I want to become a doctor essay. Essay on i want to become a doctor when i grow up.

My Ambition to Become a Doctor

I was one of the lucky few who were born into rich families. My family mostly consists of doctors. Growing up I have always seen my parents busy as my father was a neurosurgeon, and my mother was a dentist. So it is quite natural that the first thing I thought, and was told to become a doctor. My friends used to joke about it saying that it was so obvious that I will be a doctor at first I sort of enjoyed that maybe take a little pride in it too but then it just got annoying, and I thought maybe I do not want to become a doctor so from astronaut to teacher I thought about everything else.

In the meantime my grandfather got sick to whom, I was very close. For a little while I stopped thinking about what I wanted to become he was diagnosed with blood cancer. As my father was a doctor at the top hospital he was colleague, and good friends with best oncologists that treated my grandfather. Even after a month of treatment doctors were not so hopeful, and they suggested my father should take him abroad. But fate has stored something else for us soon after they landed at the Heathrow airport my grandfather complained about irregular breathing following by falling unconscious, and he passed away on his way to the hospital from the airport.

That incident was a real eye opener for me not that how important of a job is to be a doctor but we were able to take my grandfather out of the country not bearing any expense at all but there are people in this country who cannot even afford to go to a private hospital. There are so many people in the rural areas of Pakistan who are in immediate need of medical help but no doctors want to work there, and government do not even give much attention to these areas unless it’s the time of election.

That day I swore to become an oncologist, and spend at least half of the year in the rural areas where I can take a few volunteers with me to set up a camp, and provide free checkup to those in need.  May be seeing me doing some good in those small areas can make one of the children living there as passionate to be a doctor as I feel right now.

Essay on My Ambition in Life to Become a Teacher


Essay on my ambition in life to become a teacher with quotations. My aim in life to become a teacher essay. My ambition in life essay to become a teacher. Essay on my aim in life to become a teacher in English.

Essay on My Ambition to Become a Teacher

For as long as I can remember I always liked teaching people something, being helpful to others. It started with helping some trying to tie their shoe laces, or making my younger siblings remember alphabets through a sing song rhythm. The sense of accomplishment I used to feel when the other person finally learnt whatever it was that I have been teaching them was indescribable. I used to feel as happy as the other person when those moments happened. It used to feel like I truly passed the torch to someone else.

Sometimes teaching is not easy as it sounds. I remember one time my sister could not solve the division questions which were assigned to her as homework, and she just could not understand the concept of division, that day it was first time when I shouted at her, and right after that the realization occurred to me that patience has to be my strongest suit if I want to able to teach others. The main reason I always wanted to teach was firstly I thought teaching comes naturally to me, and secondly I always had utmost respect for my teacher, they knew my strengths, and weakness more than I did.

My teacher whom I was very close to Mrs. Dawson was my first inspiration to become a teacher, and the first person to make me realize the power of teaching. I had a friend who was dyslexic, and most teachers used to run out of patient when they try to educate her but Mrs. Dawson was the only teacher who used to understand that she may need more time to understand the concept, and she even used to give her after school classes.  I did not see that as a teacher teaching her a subject I saw that as  motivator building someone’s confidence, giving her enough knowledge so that she make world understand her words clearly.

What started from teaching my siblings in their homework ended in me volunteering to teach underprivileged children, and making me realize that in this world there could be never enough educators there are people in this world who are always in need of learning.

Write an Essay on My Favorite Personality


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Essay on My Favorite Personality

Quid-e-Azam is a happy star in the history of Pakistan. He is my Beloved personality, our national hero, and founder of Pakistan (the center of Islam). His name is Mohammad Ali Jinnah, his father name was Poonja Jinnah, and his mother name was Mithibai Jinnah. He was born in Karachi on 25th December, 1876 in a middle class family. His Father was a merchant.

After his matriculation, he was sent to England for higher studies. He was a keen, and upright student, who interested in legal matters. Therefore, he took admission in law department of Lincoln’s Inn College. He studied law deeply, and obtained law degree in distinguish grade. He qualified from the Lincoln’s Inn College as a brilliant lawyer, and returned to India. Jinnah began his practice in Bombay where he was twenty years old. Quid e Azam was the only Muslim barrister in Bombay in those days. He adopted English language for his profession throughout his life because he was in-fluent in English language. He was a successful lawyer of India. Once, advocate general of Bombay invited him to work from his chamber but he refused. It was the peak time of his popularity.

On his return to India he joined Indian National Congress in 1906. He was the supporter of Hindu Muslim unity in India. However, he became disappointed from the narrow vision of some Hindu leaders. When he came to know that some jealous Hindu leaders are not sincere to Muslims. He left Indian National Congress, and decided to join the Muslim league. Quid joined All Indian Muslim league in 1901. He worked hard for Muslim league, and inspired the Muslims of India with his glorious vision, sincerity, and dedication. He worked hard for a separate homeland for the Muslims.

The Hindus, British, and a section of Muslims created problems for him. They tried to hostile him but he handled the problems wisely. His aim was high, and soared like an eagle. He organized the party on two nation theory. The Muslims rallied round him, and provide their support to Quid e Azam. In this way, the hostile forces had beaten, and retrieved back.

Quid e Azam realized that the world that Hindu, and Muslims are two nations. Their religion, and customs are different from each other, and they should have a separate homeland. 14th august 1947 was the day of his victory. In this way, the new Muslim country Pakistan was appeared on the map of the world with the struggle of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan is the gift of Quid for us. Behaving Pakistan there are many struggles, and with the grace of Allah we succeed in getting this as our own country our own homeland where we can breathe openly without any kind of fare.

After the independence, he constitute the council of Muslims leaders in which they elected Quid e azam ali Jinnah as the head of the state. He took oath of office as the first General Governor of Pakistan. Muhammad ali Jinnah was the Quid e Azam in the sense of the word, Jinnah suffered from tuberculosis from 1930’s. Only his sister, and few close associates were aware of his illness. His sister realized the weather of Karachi is not good for his health. Therefore, she took him to Quetta city of Baluchistan province in June, 1934. His health had been breaking down under heavy pressure of national building work. He died on 11th September 1948. He was buried at Karachi.

Legends never died, Quid-e Azam is the real hero of Pakistan.

Essay on my favorite personality

We live in a world that is wrapped by chaos. When we grow up we go through phases where we try to relate to every celebrity, or public figure we see but only a few of them can leave a lasting impression at us. Writing was something that I always enjoyed doing, even before I realized that I has a talent for it, it was just a hobby for me. But the day I started reading JK. Rowling Harry porter series that was the day that I can say officially changed my life. I was reading that book, and before I knew it I was hooked until then she was just my favorite author but when I saw an inspirational video of her life struggle that day she became my favorite personality, all the hardships she faced in her life but there was one thing she never quit doing was writing, and that was the thing that eventually paid her off. I was never good at mathematics, or sports. I had a hard time in my school life in figuring out is there anything that I am good at. I was an average student I did study but my grades were just fine I never got a position, and after a while I lost the hope that I ever will. Even when I was going through a family crisis the only thing that helped me go through with it was my pen, and notebook. I remember first I started writing about my daily routine in the diary that was gifted to me by my sister on my seventh birthday. When I first read JK Rowling’s biography it was so inspirational, and so moving that i might have shed a tear, or two. A woman that has nothing but just one creative talent, and an original idea she proved just thinking out of the box, and sticking with your art can take you places in this world that no one may have ever imagined. It could open the doors of fame, and fortune for you, and most importantly it can give you a creative satisfaction of accomplishing something. There is nothing more in this world that I want than to be a sole owner, or creator of something, to look at something, and say I made it.

Essay on My Favorite Personality

A person whom you idealize because of various qualities prevalent in their personality is considered as your Favorite personality. There are certain qualities, and traits that are a part of a person’s character that makes him different, attractive, and appealing in the eyes of others. Every person in this world idealizes someone who is a role model in their life.

My favorite personality is our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), who is the last messenger of Allah in this world upon whom revelation of Quran was sent. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the person who encompasses all the good qualities in his personality, as Hazrat Rosey (R.A) wife of Prophet (P.B.U.H) narrated, “Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the living example of Quran, he is an embodiment of Quran.” Before the birth of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) people in Arab were completely indulged in every kind of malevolent activities, darkness was prevailing, whole Arab was affected by the vices of humankind, then there came the time when a ray of hope emerged with the birth of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Due to his chivalry, Prophet (P.B.U.H) became very popular in the city of Makkah, people used to call him honest because of his pious character, when he reached the age of 40 first revelation of Quran was sent to him in Gar-e-Hira, the angel Gabriel brought a message from the Creator which is mentioned in Surah Iqra, “Read with the name of thy Lord, Who created you Read.” With this message the future of Arab, and the whole world moved towards a path the right path which was long forgotten.

After the advent of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) started preaching the people of Mecca as well as other’s in Arab. He became a source of light for the people who were lost in immense darkness, and chaos. He acted as a savior, and a preacher of Islam, but things were not easy for him. Our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) had to face many troubles, trials, and tribulation. His life was filled with a lot of calamities, and chaos, he was at first betrayed, and stabbed by his own people, and family but he endured everything just for the sake of his Ummah. His endurance gives as Muslims, and this world the message of love, and pace over hatred, and animosity. During all his life he taught us how we behave with our elders, and youngsters.

Mark Twark a historian, once remarked about our Prophet (P.B.U.H), “In the history of Arab when people were lost Muhammad (P.B.U.H) came, and he brought the revolution of Islam, which is the biggest revolution in the history of this world.” Life of our Prophet (P.B.U.H) is the perfect guide for every human being; his life leads us towards the path of success in this world, and the world hereafter. In the modern world everyone wants peace in their life; people are working like machines to gain success, fame, and money. For having peace in life one has to follow golden principals of Islam set forth by the best Teacher, Preacher, or Mentor of this world, our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Essay on My Best Friend


Sample essay on my best friend in English. Best friend essay writing.

Essay on My Best Friend

I found someone extremely blessed if he, or she has at least one good friend in their life. I know we meet tons of people daily that we call our friends but mostly they are just our acquaintances they are not someone who we call when some unpleasant situation occurs. In our contact list of hundreds we will be lucky to find even one number to dial when we are in dire need of someone’s presence to listen.

Parents are definitely ones ultimate guardians but as you grow up you have a need to talk to someone of your own age who is going through situations like you are, who see the world from a perspective very similar to yours that person is commonly known as your best friend. The common definition of best friend would be a person who is not related to you by blood at all but who are there for you even when some blood relatives becomes strangers.

I am lucky enough to know someone in my life whom I can call my best friend.  I know Amelia since third grade. We used to class mates the funny story is we did not like each other at first. But then one day she borrowed a book from me, and that was our first interaction. Even then the point of view about each other did not change at all. But then one day I came in class early she was sitting there alone so I went sat right next to her little did know that this would be a beginning of the best friendship of my life. Even after we became friends we used to fight a lot daily, and there was barely anything we used to agree on still we always manage to bury our hatchet, and somehow make each other laugh about the things we said to each other when we were angry.

I know one thing for sure, that Amelia plays an important role in how much I loved my school life. My life was pretty basic before she came; she was the fun factor that I did not have been missing my whole life. I did not have any sisters so I did not know that feeling before I became friends with Amelia. She looks after me like a child, and takes care of me like a big sister. I am grateful to whatever universal force that introduced us, and paired us as a best friend.

I do not know what my life would have been without her but it sure would have been extremely boring. And I hope everyone in their life at least once experience a friend likes my friend.

Essay on My Best friend

What is a friendship; A single soul resting in two bodies” by Aristotle. Life is a long journey full of struggles, one day there is happiness the other day can be filled with darkness; it’s a pathway with stones, and flowers aside, these pathways becomes beautiful, and life becomes meaningful if we have a faithful friend by our side on this journey. A friend is one with whom you share everything in your life either it is happiness, or hardships.

While, there are many friends that you make at various stages of your life only a few hold on, and be there for you in your need. A friend is one with whom you share your joy, and struggle but a best friend is one who is a part of every moment that you spend. Many people cross your path, and remain there for some time for a  purpose, or a cause but your best friend acts as a shadow, who is always around even if it is not a physical presence you still feel their existence.

My best friend is with me since my school, we have made it through all the sad, and joyous moment together for past twelve years. In this world you are not always meant to flourish, or be happy; you face difficulties, challenges, hardships that makes you crumble but, when you have a best friend you are aware of the fact that no matter what happens, no matter how dark, or grey the life become your best friend will always offer you a shoulder to cry on, he will always be your support through your tough times, and will always pull broken pieces together.

The memories that we share together make present beautiful. Sometimes while you sit alone in the struggling period of your life; you smile for no reason it is due the beautiful memories that we share with our best friend that gives us the reason to smile, and you remember those times as golden period of your life.

A relationship is like a tree, that needs water to grow even if it is friendship with the passage of time the tree grows stronger, its roots become firm, and it stands strongly on the ground, and other people benefit from its oxygen, and fruit, it gives shadow in warm sunny weather; a relation of best friends is the same together they become stronger when their relationship flourishes with water of love, and compassion they not only stay happy together but they bring positivity in lives if people that surrounds them. This is the beauty of friendship.

Life becomes a little easier, and beautiful when you have a faithful, and honest friend by your side that you can trust, and rely on. When a mother, father, brother, sister, or even a life partner wants to get closer to you, and make you understand that they are there for you they call themselves your best friend so you can trust them that means friendship is the amalgamation of all the relationships. It is a beautiful mixture. When we enter the journey of student life, personal, professional, or formal with our best friend then we can achieve bigger goals in life. When you fall, or you lose confidence in yourself when difficulties shatter you, it is your best friend who support you, and help you to get out of that face, My best friend has been with me through every thick, and thin, we studied together, and we entered our practical lives together, I have spent the most beautiful time of my life with her. This is the beauty of this relationship.

One should value their best friend because it is due to them that we attain many things in life from confidence to courage they play a very crucially important roles in our life. Life becomes meaningful with a best friend; it is one of the blessings of Almighty Lord.

Importance of Traffic Rules Essay


Importance of obeying traffic rules essay. Benefits of obeying traffic rules. Why do we need to follow traffic rules? Short paragraph on importance of obeying traffic rules. Importance of traffic rules in our daily life. Importance of traffic rules in points. Essay on traffic rules awareness.

Importance of Traffic Rules Essay

Government of every country plan some rules, and regulations, and apply them to the people of that country. Traffic rules are the one of them which is to be made for the better transportation system of country. If these rules are to be followed, 99% of road accidents will be finished.

Pakistan is the country where traffic rules are to be imposed on the citizens many of them follows the rules but others don’t. In Pakistan there are some rules like, to fasten the seat belts, not to take calls during driving a car, or bike, not to drive a bike on single wheel etc. If these rules are not to be followed then some amount of rupees are as a fine to be charged from the person.

As the traffic is increasing day by day in the country, government is making new roads for better environment, and to avoid such hustle, and bustle on the roads. Traffics rules are the most important to make the roads free of hustle, and bustle the traffic, and other things. It is necessary that rules are to be followed by each, and every citizen.

Importance of traffic rules can be observed if we recognize the accidents which took place on daily basis. These accidents take place by the negligence of traffic police, and the irresponsibility’s of people. Reasons behind these accidents are non-other than the breaking of traffic rules. These accidents take place in result of over speeding, signal breaking, over taking, lack of attentions, by using mobile phones.

The only solution to avoid these accidents we should follow the rules which are made for traffic control, only by this we will learn the importance of traffic rules in our life.

Write an Essay on my Hobby


Sample essay on my hobby reading books,  gardening, drawing, cricket, dancing etc. My hobby essay in English.

Essay on my Hobby

In today’s busy life, all one does is come home from work, wake up again next day, and start working on. The loop keeps on repeating, and repeating until the day comes when you get stressed to a level where you no longer wish you would work, or earn. You no longer care about anything, and all you wish to do is just take a vacation out of your busy life, and live stress free for just some days. The doctors say in the competitive world we live today everyone has an urge of going forward, reaching other levels going a bit ahead than most people. Making a name for yourself, for your career is all one wants, and desires, but losing yourself along the way is no way of compromising with yourself, or your work.

One should always work up to a limit, a limit where a person knows that yes I can’t work more than this, I need a break. What if I tell you, that you can actually cheat the stress you experience every day, you can actually not take a vacation but still stay stress free throughout the week, throughout your year.  I am talking about developing a “Hobby”.

Whenever the word hobby comes up, one thinks of all the things that one likes doing, it can be gardening, it can be collecting flowers of different kinds, or it can be reading newspapers. Anything that suits you, this is where my conflict starts with people. I ask you as a person, do you really believe that gardening can help you lose your stress levels, and I hope your answer is a No because it is clearly a No.

How can collecting flowers help you reduce your stress levels, and bring you back to a world of competitiveness? It’s almost surreal, and too weird to be believed, and considered true. I however, have developed a hobby that actually helps me reduce my stress levels. Actually helps me cool down for a few hours, and brings me back to my working position in no time.

I am talking about Gaming. Yes, you might be thinking “How does gaming reduce your stress levels”. I’ll explain how. You see in a world full of competiveness, I have found my passion, and named it my hobby. The games that I like to play are not just your regular games that are rated 13. No, I am talking about the games that actually help you to understand this hard world a lot better. I am talking about competitive gaming. People from all over the world, gamers gathering around in an area, being shouted on, and cheered by a few millions of gamers, what’s better than that? Competitive gaming not only helps in actually competing but also develops a sense of “Being the best” in one.

Being the best at something is what we all aim for…isn’t it? So, what’s better than finding your hobby in something that accelerates your desire of being the best through something that almost 50% of my readers like doing “Gaming”. Adopting a hobby not only helps you in confirming who you are a person but who you are as a happy person who can take on any challenges, and still stay stress free because what he adapted as his hobby helps him in being that person.

Adopt a hobby today, be what you’re meant to be.

Essay on My Hobby

A hobby is an occupation which gives pleasure, and amusement to a person, and which carries one of his own accord simply because he likes it. My hobby is not pursued as a profit. The main purpose of a hobby is to derive the pleasure out of it. It is meant for our mental peace, and satisfaction. Moreover hobby gives a stimulus to better living.

There is no compulsion regarding hobby but is arises purely from personal interests, or taste. Different people pursue different hobbies. Selection of a suitable hobby depends on the time you can devote to it, and money on can afford, and one’s aptitude.

There are many different hobbies in the world; some of them are gardening, coin collecting, stamp collecting, cooking, stitching, reading books, and magazines, swimming, fishing, and so on. A hobby has a beneficial effect on the mind, and it prevents one from ever becoming dull, and in low spirits.

Stamp collecting is my favorite hobby. I have made a big collection of stamps. I collect many old, and new stamps of different countries.  They are of different shapes, and sizes. It started when my father gave me one of his album of stamps few years ago, which he gathered I have added two more to it. My father also has a brilliant collection of stamps. Now I have three albums of stamps, one which is given me by my father, and two more which I have made myself. I look after my album very much, and I enjoy the beauty of these attractive stamps.

Stamps’ collecting is very popular hobby among masses. It is not that much expensive that one cannot afford it. Stamps can be purchased easily. Nearly every city has a professional stamp dealer, many departments, and variety stores maintain sections devoted to the needs of collectors. But a person can build a collection without expense. One of my friends also has this hobby we both have asked one shop keeper to keep the stamps. And we also have asked to one of the Clark of our area to supply us variety of different stamps. Moreover most of my friends are foreigners I exchange some of my stamps with them.

Mostly one can afford only one hobby, but here cooking is also my second best hobby. I love to cook for myself, and for my family members. They like the food I make; they love the taste of my food. The variety of dishes like there is traditional foods, deserts, desi food etc. I like to cook traditional food as well as the baking is my favorite. My friends, and family encourages me to pursue my hobby as a profession but I think hobby should be hobby, and professionally one should go for another thing.

Essay on Hobby

I was not one of those lucky people who knew what their goals were right from an early age. To put it in an easy way I was always an indecisive person. I used to start things to just leave them in the middle. The questions I used to dread the most in my childhood was either describes yourself, or what your hobby is. I used to listen to other’s people hobbies, and then try them out later to see if they can become mine but it’s safe to say no they weren’t. It took me a while to realize that one thing that I do to take my mind off, or in my leisure time was Writing.

I am writing for as long as I can remember I have kept a diary, I have tried to make a short story, or did an effort to write a joke but It’s the one thing that I never gave up on. It took me some to time to realize that I possess this quality but after that there was no going back I took my majors as English literature in college to enhance my skills in the field of writing.

My teachers were a great help for a rookie like me. The most valuable lesson I have learned from all this experience is that no one is same, and some of us figure things out early while others take time but we all do figure things out, and that is most indescribable feeling in the world.

Importance of Road Safety in Day to Day Life Essay


Essay writing on importance of road safety. Importance of road safety speech. Essay on road safety in 500 words. Importance of road safety rules. Speech on road safety measures. Information about road safety. Importance of traffic rules essay. Article on road safety.

Importance of Road Safety Essay

When you define the word safety all you think of is how you are safe in your homes, your workplaces, and your schools. Have you ever thought how being a person you provide security to yourself? How you close your doors every night before you go to sleep…? Ever wondered why you do it? It’s just because you don’t feel secure, and safe if you don’t lock the doors behind you.

It is said that a person’s brain works in such a way that it tells the concerned person how much safe he is at that time. Wherever you go, wherever you are, your own safety is something you should be concerned for all the time.

Similarly, whenever you go on the roads, driving your car, listening to your favorite music, or even talking to a friend over the phone…Driving a bike, rushing against the wind itself, and making a road character out of yourself…Do you think that you’re safe out there on the roads? Because if you think that you are safe, I have got news telling you that you’re not, and that being safe on the roads is something that can’t be achieved easily…one needs to care of himself, one needs to take care of his surroundings, understand what’s happening around, and then work on it.

Road safety is something that according to me should be taken not just as a concern but as a subject that should be taught, taught to the children, and the ones that are on just learning how to drive, and how to co-op up with the everyday traffic. It’s not a matter that can be taken lightly, as road rashes, road rages are the major things that cause road accidents.

In our everyday lives road safety carries a lot of importance, it’s important how we walk, drive, or do anything on the road. People define road in two ways, one is “A Busy Road”, and the other is a “Not so busy road”. A busy road can be defined as the road where there’s a lot of traffic going in, and out every day. A not so busy road is a road where there isn’t much traffic every day, and can be considered as a place where one can literally “Violate” rules. However, that’s not the case. A road is a road no matter if it has zero, some, or so much traffic on it. A road is a road no matter how busy it gets in the day, or how lonely it gets in the night.

There is absolutely no excuse to not abide by the traffic laws. A person abiding traffic laws, going in his lane, driving at a minimum speed, NOT using his mobile phone gets hit by another car…You may ask “But he was driving safe”. Yes, he was but the thing is the other person wasn’t a law abide. The other person who hit this law abiding citizen didn’t care how the traffic works, and this is one of the main reasons I just stated that “Everyone must be taught the laws of traffic accordingly.” Everyone must understand that if one doesn’t even follow the simplest of rules one can be taken nonetheless.

Abiding traffic rules isn’t hard. Just follow a couple of simple steps, and you are good going.

Write an Essay on Patriotism


Sample essay for students, employees, teachers, professors, or it can be used as speech for patriotism on national day of any country.

Essay on Patriotism

When you hear the word of my topic “Patriotism” the first feeling that comes in your mind is of love mixed with anger. Have you ever wondered, or questioned yourself what feeling this is? What do you actually feels when you hear the word patriotism?

Many patriots have come, and gone, someone sacrificed their lives for the country, and the others were just not lucky enough but still serve their country in one, or another way.
Patriotism is defined as ones love for their homeland, a vigorous sense of love, and affection towards their homeland.
Just as a child starts loving his parents as soon as he starts recognizing them, just as that when a person starts knowing where he lives, the values of the homeland he resides in, the laws, and rules his nation has been built on, and the sacrifices made to make his safe, and secure stay in his homeland successful. That’s the point when he is called a patriot, a true version of himself who loves his country even more than himself.

People think that one can be patriot if, and only if he serves his country by joining the military which is entirely wrong, and is not the case at all. If a person works with honesty, hard work just with the thought that “If I am corrupt, my country is corrupt!” he is the biggest patriot of them all. Talking straight, a nation is recognized by the type of people it holds within, and the type of people that are willing to make a change. Claiming to be patriot but being corrupt inside just doesn’t add well.

Oppression is something that just can’t be ended. If you’re a patriot, and in a conversation talk of patriotism to anyone who is just a mindless oppressor you will lose the argument. Oppressors are selfish, caring about themselves more than their homeland, basically lacking the respect for the nation’s leaders. The nation itself doesn’t realize that patriotism today is a need, and needs to be taken into account.

The beauty of the word patriotism comes from the fact that patriotism is not limited at all. There are basically two kinds of patriots you will find in your everyday lives.
The first kind of patriotism is a healthy one, and should be encouraged while the second one is of undesirable kind, and should be condemned. Healthy patriotism teaches us to love our country with all our heart, and to do everything in our power to serve our country in any way possible.
The second type of patriotism tells us to build our glory on the ruins, and suffering of other nations. The first kind of patriotism is good for our country, and for the world however, the second kind of patriotism is bad for us, and the country. It encourages us to be oppressive, and selfish.

One should never forget ones duty towards humanity in general. Such patriotism in general encourages narrow, parochial fanaticism, and has no place in the progressive world we live in today.

Essay on Environmental Pollution, Issues, and Problems


Sample essay on environmental pollution, environmental issues, and environmental problems for students of all classes , and employees.

Essay on Environment Pollution Effect, and Problems

The only thing that makes our planet livable out of all those eight planets is environment. Environment is a very broad term it cannot be explained into one simple sentence. To put it lightly we usually refer air when we talk about environment, and how polluted it is being with each passing day. We sometimes forget that behind all this industrial advancements there is natural resources that are being compromised.

Ocean, and river water is being contaminated killing most of the marine life, smoke emitting from vehicles is making difficult to breath for everyone, and garbage thrown out openly conducting land pollution is a serious health threat to every living being.

Pollution is not only fight for environmental lawyers, or NGO’s working for it, it is a fight that everyone has to take a part in. We all need a greener earth, clean water, and fresh air to live. We need to remember that natural resources are not infinite if we will not start to work on another plan soon we will be left with a destroyed land, no tree, water with a high dose of chemical in it, and huge deal of smog in the air.

There are people out there who are making Earth a better place to live, and fighting for environmental laws but as long as all the big corporations, and research centers will not think about another way the planet, and all the species living on it are in danger.

We can all make this environment better by even just planting a tree, or throwing our garbage in the recyclable dust bin, and even stopping someone from throwing garbage on the roads where public’s health is exposed. It is our planet, and it is our job to save it.

Short Essay on Environment

Environment is basically our surrounding.  This is one of the most important things which affect our minds, and behaviors. If you are living in a good environment you can feel your moods are good, and your attitudes towards people are positive. But you can see the difference if you are come across a person which is living in noisy environment he has definitely more mood swings than you.

Environment affects our health as well if the environment has fresh air without the air pollution of cars, and factories then you are internally fresh. Environment affects us in another way as well this we can define as the environment of company in which we are sitting, or in which we have friends this affect us a lot, mentally. If we have friends with good nature, and nurture, then we are considered as the people with good surroundings, or environment but if we are with the people who do drugs with negative nature, and nurture we are considered as the people with terrible environment.

So basically environment affects us positively, and negatively it depends on us which kind of environment we are choosing for us.

Essay on Environment

What is environment? It is our surrounding, and everything our ecosystem, our living environment our, everything is included in environment.

Every country should invest in our environment to make it better for living; we live in a time when the environment is in danger because there is a lot of pollution which is effecting our environment. So it is important to protect it. We need a healthy environment in order to survive, so we must protect it from danger. We prevent environment from getting damaged then we can also prevent health problems. Better environment is very important for healthy living.

Pollution from the factories, and cars can cause damage to the environment. It makes the air dirty. Breathing in this dirty air, causes health problems, like asthma, lungs issue, liver problems, and stomach problems, particularly for children, and the elderly. We need to control the amounts of pollution we produce in order to prevent health problems, and especially our environment.

We also need to pay attention to the ecosystem. Plants life, animal’s life, and people all depend on each other. An unhealthy environment disturbs this ecosystem. For example, changes in environment may cause a certain kind of plant to die. If that plant is food for certain kind of animal, the animal will die too. If people use that animal as food source there could be big problem. To avoid the big problems, factories should pollute as little as possible, and use natural resources rationally.

If we do not protect our environment it will continue to get worse, and our children will suffer the consequences. The air, and water will be dirtier, natural resources will become scarcer, and more plants, and animals will be dying. Our children won’t have as much nature beauty to admire. Even worse, their well-being will be threatened. Without clean air to breath, a healthy ecosystem, and a future for our children the human race will not survive. That is why protecting our environment is important not only the company is going to make a profit but also workers, customers, and community.

Environment may differ place to place due to people, and their living styles etc. We should love, and care about our environment, and we should also pay attention to make it remain healthier for our future generations.