Discount Request Letter Template of Purchase

Do you want to request a discount or write a reply to the offer request letter? Sample Letters are available to request a discount from the supplier, seller, or distributor for the company, office, school, client, vendor, etc. Requesting Price Discount to Place Order Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to request a price … Continue reading “Discount Request Letter Template of Purchase”

Letter Requesting Scholarship Donations

Sample letter requesting scholarship from donations, Zakat, or charity for studies and further education. Scholarship request for school, college, and university studies for poor students and scholarships for students of backward areas. Sample Request Letter for Scholarship Dear Sir/Mam, I am mehwish ehsan from Pakistan. Global Giving Org. provide me your link. I am a … Continue reading “Letter Requesting Scholarship Donations”

Visit Invitation Letter Sample for Guests

Visit Invitation Letter Sample for School, company, office, business, factory, mill, or NGO with the purpose of the meeting, quality checking, medical checkup, standards checkup, collection of donations, and charity from companies, corporations, foundations, etc. Invitation Letter for Foreigner Guest (International Guest) Consul GeneralUnited States of AmericaClifton, Karachi Dear Sir, I am grateful to you for … Continue reading “Visit Invitation Letter Sample for Guests”

Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal to Company

Sample Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal of Design, website, business model, or any new idea for approval from the company with proposal development timeline. Letter for Sending Business Proposal Nimra Asad Manager DevelopmentGuardian PropertiesEast LondonUnited Kingdom Subject: Proposal of Design Dear Mirza Athar Baig, I hope you are fine and will have a good tour of … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal to Company”

Letter of Invitation and Confirmation of Schedule

Sample invitation letters to attend the award ceremony or visit the company to guests, clients, customers, suppliers, distributors, business partners, contractors, etc. From the sample invitation letter, you will also learn how to write an invitation letter for the participants with a schedule of the ceremony or the program’s schedule. Invitation Letter for Award Ceremony … Continue reading “Letter of Invitation and Confirmation of Schedule”

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of Marketing, and Promotion

Thank you for sponsoring the marketing, and promotion campaigns of NGOs, universities, annual events, government events, and charity drives. Sponsorship Thanks Letter Dear Ms. Kanza, On behalf of SemiOffice Corp, I am really grateful for the sponsorship of gourmet food for the bake sale (Date). Your great support and co-operation have lead to the collection … Continue reading “Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of Marketing, and Promotion”

Acknowledgment Letter for Sending Payment by Cash, or Cheque

Sample acknowledgment letter for sending payment to clients, customers, business partners, vendors, consultants, clubs, hotels, and restaurants by cash or cheque. Acknowledgement Letter for Payment Dear Sir, I am attaching a crossed cheque No. 0445566743 dated, (Date), amounting to Rs 55,000/= (Rupees Fifty-Five Thousand Only) drawn on HSBC Bank, Gulberg Branch Lahore against Zakat payment. … Continue reading “Acknowledgment Letter for Sending Payment by Cash, or Cheque”

Issuance of Certificate of Employment Request Letter

Want to request a service certificate from your employer? Sample request letter for Issuance of Certificate of Employment, Internship, Training Program after the ceremony. Certificate of Employment Request Letter To__________DesignationCompanyAddressCity Subject: Application for Issuance of Employment Certificate Dear Sir, I, (your name), was an employee at (mention the company name ). I performed well during my tenure as … Continue reading “Issuance of Certificate of Employment Request Letter”

Request Letter for Admission to School Principal

Sample Request Letter for Admission to School Principal for a pre-school, special school, Prep school, and nursery school. You can use this request letter to the college principal or admission to the university. Samples are available written by parents and by the students themselves. Request Letter to School Principal for Admission After You Failed in … Continue reading “Request Letter for Admission to School Principal”

Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

Want a recommendation letter? Sample Letter of recommendation to refer someone for a job, employment, or internship. You can print this letter on your company/organization letterhead or white paper just for reference. These recommendation letters can be issued by the professor, doctor, minister, boss, or blood relations. Job Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager To … Continue reading “Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship”

Sponsorship Request Letter for Magazine or Brochure

Sample sponsorship request letter template for magazine, brochure, and for any event of school, college, or university. Request Letter for Sponsorship of Magazine ToMr. Akmal ShahzadCEOWarid TelecomLahore, Pakistan Sir, I am Javed Kamal, and I am the CEO of OK Magazine. I have to inform you about the upcoming edition of our magazine. Our magazine has become … Continue reading “Sponsorship Request Letter for Magazine or Brochure”

Job Experience Letter for Marketing Executive

Are you looking for an experience letter? These experience letters for Male and Female Marketing Executives, Marketing Associates, and Customer Services are available for free download. You can use this experience letter for any post/position like Marketing Officer, Sales Officer, Sales Associate, Business Development Officer, and many other similar jobs. First, you need to change … Continue reading “Job Experience Letter for Marketing Executive”

Condolence Letter For the Death of Father, Mother, or Someone else

Want to write a condolence letter? We are providing you with sample condolence letters and email templates to send your condolence messages. Condolence Letter For Death of Father, or Mother, Parents death, loss of a wife, death of mother in law, father in law, loss of father or mother. Condolence Letter on Father’s Death Respected … Continue reading “Condolence Letter For the Death of Father, Mother, or Someone else”

Application for Issuance of Experience Letter

Request letter for issuance of experience letter for a new job, visa, or personal profile. Sample application for experience letter of employee, worker, staff, manager, officer, or any other post. Sometimes companies do not issue experience letters until you request them with solid reason. Experience letter certifies that you worked for a certain time period, job … Continue reading “Application for Issuance of Experience Letter”

Letter for NOC Request (No Objection Certificate)

Sample request letter and application for No Objection Certificate from School, College, University, Govt, and Private Offices. Usually, NOC is required for passports, exams, vehicles, admissions, events, jobs, and travel purposes. We provided various request letters to get NOC for many of your daily needs, Business needs, Government Needs, Visa, etc. If you need any … Continue reading “Letter for NOC Request (No Objection Certificate)”

Experience Letter for Financial Accountant

Do you want an experience letter for a financial accountant or accountant of the company? We published a variety of experience letters for all job positions. Please use the search to find your required letter. Below is the Experience Letter for Senior Financial Accountant, and you can use this for various other Finance and Accounts … Continue reading “Experience Letter for Financial Accountant”

Appointment Letter for Marketing Executive and Manager

Sample Appointment Letter for a marketing executive, manager, agent, officer, consultant, and the officer from the company to its employees. This appointment Letter includes terms and conditions for the job and a probation period of three months. You can customize this letter by changing the terms and conditions offered by your company, salary, and duration … Continue reading “Appointment Letter for Marketing Executive and Manager”

Job Application for the Post of Marketing Officer

Sample job application for marketing officer, executive, manager, agent, sales officer, sales agent, sales manager. Best Job Application including details of professional experience of previous jobs. Best Job Application for Marketing Executive Company Name Address Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to apply for the post of marketing officer in your company. My education and experiences are … Continue reading “Job Application for the Post of Marketing Officer”