Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill

Sample notice to customer, or clients for disconnection of service due to short of bill payments from company, factory, shop, sales, and service center, franchise, or any other business. Notice of Pending Bill Payment Mr. Shahid, 176-B, Model Town, Lahore. Subject: Release of payment Greetings! Dear Client, This is to remind you that your dues … Continue reading “Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill”

Acknowledgment Letter for Gifts Dispatch

Want to ask for the acknowledgment of the gift received? Sample cover letter for dispatching gifts to your boss, CEO, manager, friend, business partner, etc. We write letters, and applications and create documents for our visitors at semioffice. Please let us know if you need a new letter, application, or document you need in the … Continue reading “Acknowledgment Letter for Gifts Dispatch”

Request Letter of Sponsorship of Food Items

Want to request sponsorship? We are giving you sample letters to ask for sponsorship of events, food items, or other parts of the program. Sample Request Letter for Sponsorship of an Event Food Dear Sir, We are an organization for (mention the objective of your organization). We are organizing a program that will be attended … Continue reading “Request Letter of Sponsorship of Food Items”

Request for Experience Letter From Company

Sample Request for Experience Letter From Company, school, college, university, after resignation from the job. Second letter to ask for re-issuance of experience letter with modifications, or changes as per your requirements, or required by new employer. Ask for Experience Letter for Assistant Dear Sir, I am writing to you for my experience letter. I have … Continue reading “Request for Experience Letter From Company”

Sample Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship for School

Format of Sample Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship in office, company, school, college, or university. Sponsorship Letter for School Event TO Mr. Kevin Hart CEO Punjab Foods Goa, India Sir, I am Mr. Jayant Singh, and I am the principal at JP High School. I am a huge fan of your personality as you are … Continue reading “Sample Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship for School”

Application for Rejoining The Job by Employees

Sample application letter requesting to rejoin the job after resignation, or long vocations due to emergency without notifying the employer, company, office, manager. Rejoining letter after absents/absence from office, factory, business, mill, hospital available below. If you need a different one please write in comments. Request Letter to Boss for Rejoin the Company Ms. Maham … Continue reading “Application for Rejoining The Job by Employees”

Sample Letter of Thank You for Participation

Want to say thank you to the participants with a letter, email or message? We are providing you a sample letter to thanks participants of the survey, research, event, training program, annual dinner, conference, seminar, a workshop for attending training programs, etc.  Thank You Letter to Participants after Event to Send in Email All Participating … Continue reading “Sample Letter of Thank You for Participation”

Acknowledgment Letter of Purchase and Stock

Sample Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock for office. Sample letter to inform the purchasing department, senior, boss, manager, or someone that you have purchased the required items, and write this letter as acknowledgment. Letter to Purchase Printing Accessories To: ______DesignationCompanyAddressCity Subject: Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock Dear Ms. Shanzy, We purchased two toners from the … Continue reading “Acknowledgment Letter of Purchase and Stock”

Request Letter for Stall Permission

Sample application letter to request for getting stall permission on festivals, parties, programs, exhibitions, fairs, ceremonies, and temporary marketing from the relevant authorities. To______ Designation Company Address City Subject: Permission Letter to Setup Stall Dear Ms. Shanzay, Firstly, we thanks, and appreciate your company for allowing us to set up our annual fundraising stall last year, … Continue reading “Request Letter for Stall Permission”

Thank You Letter Sample for Participants

Sample letter to say thanks to the participants of any event, and request their cooperation for further progress. Sample Thank You Letter for Conference Participants Dear Sir/Madam, The AH Foundation thanks you for taking the time out of your precious, packed routines, and spending it with special Children of [company]. You attending our Iftar Dinner, at … Continue reading “Thank You Letter Sample for Participants”

New Email Address Change Notification Letter

Want to write an email change notice? Sample notification for change of email address to your contacts of the previous email. Simple copy the message, read it once and send it to all of your contacts. You can set auto-reply by posting this message in your email account for email senders. Personal Email Change Notice … Continue reading “New Email Address Change Notification Letter”

Cover Letter for Payment of Cheque

Sample letter for sending payment cheques to clients, companies, businesses, customers, vendors, etc. Payment cheques mostly require a letter of purpose to describe the details of the payment. A cover letter can be used as proof of payment and record in case of future disputes or differences in the payment. The payment cheque receiver also … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Payment of Cheque”

Acknowledgement Letter of Expenditures

Where have my donations been used? An explanation letter of expenditures, expenses, and financial support to a donor in response to a letter asking where money is being spent. Expenditure Explanation Letter Sample Dear Mr. Imran Afzal, Thanks for your letter dated (Date) received on (Date). We write to inform you that amount of Donations … Continue reading “Acknowledgement Letter of Expenditures”

Letter of Acknowledgment of Cheque or Payment Received

Sample letter of acknowledgment of cheque or cash payment received from clients as loan, advance payment, installment, membership fee, or school fee. This acknowledgment can be sent for any payment received from clients, suppliers, customers, business partners, etc., with thanks. Acknowledgment of Receipt of Payment Dear Manager, This is to acknowledge receipt of your payment … Continue reading “Letter of Acknowledgment of Cheque or Payment Received”

Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts

Want to request delivery of your ordered items? Sample request letter to ask for spare parts for maintenance of office machines, printers, computers, networking, cables, WAN, LAN, etc. This letter asks the vendor/supplier to deliver the required spare parts and paint the enhanced engineer for urgent services. Reminder and Soft Warning Email for Order Delivery … Continue reading “Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts”

Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate

Want to ask for a tax exemption certificate or tax payment certificate to submit your tax. Sample request letter for tax exemption from sales. Warning for Not Providing Tax Certificate (stop furture payments) Dear Sir, Please send me a copy of the certificate. if you cannot provide me with a certificate then I will be … Continue reading “Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate”

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter

Sample letter to inform the receiving of appointment letter of a job with thanks. Thanks for, letter to the company after getting the appointment letter available for free download. Reply Email Upon Receiving Job Confirmation Letter Dear Sir, I want to acknowledge that I have received my job appointment/confirmation letter and I am very happy. I … Continue reading “Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter”

How to write a Salary Increment Letter?

  Steps for Writing a Salary Increment Application Letter Decide why you need a letter or Application for salary increment? Decide whether you need to write a letter for salary increment What are the reasons that you need salary increment (find out some solid reasons) Whom you need to address in the salary increment letter … Continue reading “How to write a Salary Increment Letter?”