Factory, Project and Office Closing Notice for Public and Employees

Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, governments are taking all the measures for the public’s safety from this COVID 19 Pandemic. Therefore, here is a sample letter to inform your customers and employees about the closing of the workplace till the following order. Office Closure Notice to Employee for 1st May Dear Employees, I want … Continue reading “Factory, Project and Office Closing Notice for Public and Employees”

Letter For Sale of Machinery

Following letter can be used as a sample by people who are trying to ale their electric goods. Sample Letter To Sale Electric Goods To, Mr. Alex Burke Respected sir, With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to Australia on permanent basis. As I told … Continue reading “Letter For Sale of Machinery”

Notice Regarding Change of College Timing

Draft a circular letter to be circulated among your staff, and students regarding the change in timing of college due to winter season. College Timing Change Notice To all staff, students, and parents, I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all regarding the change of timing of college due to … Continue reading “Notice Regarding Change of College Timing”

Sample Notice for Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Sample template of the announcement of parent teacher meeting(PTM) in a school where teachers meet parents annually to give them the progress report of their children. Format Of Notice Of Parent Teacher Meeting Dear parents, This is a notice to inform parents that we will be hosting a parent teacher meeting this Monday, October the … Continue reading “Sample Notice for Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)”

Letter Your Application For Admission Was Not Approved

Format of rejection letter to a student who has applied to your school, and has not been accepted by the school board on the basis of not meeting the eligibility criteria for Bachelors. Letter Your Application for Admission was not approved To: Geraldine Marvin Belleville, Ontario, Canada Dear Mr. Marvin, We have received your application … Continue reading “Letter Your Application For Admission Was Not Approved”

Notice on Cleanliness in Your Office Compound

Sample Letter to Staff Informing to Maintain Cleanliness with keep office clean notice, email to staff about office cleanliness, office cleanliness policy, office cleanliness rules, sample memo letter for cleanliness, sample letter to staff informing to maintain cleanliness, office clean up day memo. Letter to Employees Informing About Cleanliness Dear Staff Members, It is to … Continue reading “Notice on Cleanliness in Your Office Compound”

Store Closing Letter to Customers

Following can be used as change of address of branch. Sample letter to use when a manager is closing its branch because the business is not being profitable anymore. Notice For Closing Store To all our valued customers, It is to inform you that our store is permanently getting closed as we are shifting our … Continue reading “Store Closing Letter to Customers”

School Timing Change Notice

Format of sample notification letter which principal can send to children’s parents, or guardians telling them about change in school time due to season. School Notice to Students for Next Year Time Change Dear students, I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all on the time change that we will … Continue reading “School Timing Change Notice”

Notice For Employees Of Salary Deduction

Sample Format Of Notification To give employees Before Salary Deduction Letter to Inform Employee of Salary Decrease To, Mr. Eric Willson, HR department, Nestle Respected sir, It is to inform you that due to the current financial issue the salaries for this month will be given with the deduction of 20%. We expect all our … Continue reading “Notice For Employees Of Salary Deduction”

Notification of Retirement to Employee

Confirmation of retirement letter to employee. Retirement letter to employee thank you. Retirement letter to coworkers. Sample retirement letter for government employee. Retirement letter samples for someone retiring. Notification of Retirement to Employee Dear Mr. Louis Golf, I am writing to you because I would like to discuss you notification of retirement. As you have … Continue reading “Notification of Retirement to Employee”