Request Letter for Replacement of Transformer

Application to electric company for the replacement of the transformer in our village as it has damaged and we remain without electricity for a few days.

Replacement of Distribution Transformer

The Superintendent,

Electric Supply Company,

Beirut, Lebonon


Respected Sir,

I am a resident of the X-BLOCK , North Road Area in this town. I am writing this application on the behalf of the whole area residents. All the residents of this area are experiencing the electricity downfall most frequently than even since last month. The main reason that has been told by your field staff is the damaged transformer. Kindly replace the damaged transformer with the new one so that it cuts the maintenance cost in utility bills and make sure the regular provision of the electricity supply to the town.

We shall be very thankful to you for the urgent process of this request.

Yours Sincerely,

Abu Uzair

Request Letter for Replacement of Transformer

 Dear Society President,

I wrote you this letter to request replacement of transformer replacement. These past few weeks the load shedding has been at its peak. First we thought that it was because of the new electricity schedule made by government but later found out that that only our buildings’ electricity is off which is due to the transformer.

Even after getting repaired last week, the transformer caused problems again yesterday and there was no electricity for more than 8 hours! During this hot, humid weather and scorching heat it is way more than difficult and inconvenient for us to carry on with our lives. As monsoon is also approaching so it will only cause more problems and even put lives of people in danger.

I on the behalf of all the residents on building request you for replacement of transformer as soon as possible. We would be very thankful to you.

Best Regards;

Ali Haider

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Request Letter for Replacement of Transformer

To: Mayors’ Office — City of Chantilly
Virginia, United States

I am writing in regards to the transformer on Broadway Drive in the West end of the city. As far as I can tell, it has broken and stopped working.

I request that you replace this transformer as soon as possible as the current and voltage in the area will now be transferred to the transformer on the other end of the street, which may cause a possible overload.

Harrison Jim
Chantilly, Virginia, United States

3 replies on “Request Letter for Replacement of Transformer”

Dear Sir,
I requested to you that my electric transformer Damage so I wanted replacement ilectric transformer.

Santosh Kumar s/o Mr. Badloo Prasad
Village- Terhi Maphi
Post office- Tindwari
District- Banda UP

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