Marketing Budget Plan Template

How to prepare a marketing budget. Monthly marketing budget template. Marketing budget plan estimates excel. Sample marketing budget for a small business. Social media marketing budget template. Marketing budget template xls. Table of Contents Introduction Campaigning Cost Required Budget Past Campaign Goal Introduction Advertising has long been the lifeblood for industrial growth. Charity advertising is remarkably similar. Audiences see them repeatedly, perhaps on daily bases. Human Psychology, through its … Continue reading “Marketing Budget Plan Template”

Long Term Marketing Plan for NGO, Welfare Organization, Hospital

What is a short-term marketing Plan and What is a long-term marketing plan is described below, includes: Long term care marketing strategies, Long term marketing goals example, Short term marketing strategy example, Short term marketing objectives with examples. Company’s Long term strategic Marketing Plan and  Short and long-term projections in marketing strategy example. You can … Continue reading “Long Term Marketing Plan for NGO, Welfare Organization, Hospital”

Medical Clinic Business Proposal

Sample medical clinic proposal, clinic proposal sample, sample proposal for health clinic. Clinic profile sample, Project proposal for building a clinic, clinic project proposal, health care proposal template, medical clinic business plan. Proposal for Consultancy Clinic To make a consultant clinic at AHF Name of Clinic: AHF Rehabilitation Clinic for Children Purpose of this Clinic: To facilitate the parents who cannot get admission … Continue reading “Medical Clinic Business Proposal”

Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees

Sample show cause notice to employee due to mismanagement, commission, wrong report, miss commitment, etc. Sample Show Cause Notice for Employees: [Company Name and Logo] Show Cause Notice To: [Employee Name] Department: [Department Name] Date: [Date] Subject: Show Cause Notice Dear [Employee Name], It has come to our attention that you have been displaying behavior … Continue reading “Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees”

Warning Letter to Students For Absence, Performance, Misbehavior

Do you want to issue a warning letter to students? Sample warning letters for students from the school principal, or teacher to warn them about absents, misbehavior, misconduct, poor performance, cheating, poor attendance, plagiarism, indiscipline behavior, late coming, misbehavior, etc bad attitude are published below. You can customize as per your needs. Warning Letter to … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Students For Absence, Performance, Misbehavior”

Suspension Order Format for Employees

Please make an official letter for suspension order for employee, govt employee, federal govt employees etc. Suspension Order for Govt Employee From, HR Department. SSS Trading Company, ABC Road, Lahore. To, Mr. Irfan Khan, Accountant, Subject: Suspension Letter from the Job Dear Irfan, This is to inform you that in spite of several warnings from … Continue reading “Suspension Order Format for Employees”

Joining Report Sample Format

Sample joining report format for employees, new employees, teachers, professors, students, engineers, doctors, etc. Joining reports are compulsory in multinational companies and companies with the larger business networks and surety of employee joining in issuing the salaries, benefits, and getting the work performance reports. Job Joining Confirmation Letter by Employee Respected Management, Thank you for … Continue reading “Joining Report Sample Format”

Cash Bill of Sale Template in Excel and Word

Sample Cash bill of sale template in Excel for dress shops, clothing stores, dressing brands, and suiting brands for men and women. Cash bill format in word is also available for download. You can copy the below cash bill templates and paste them into desired files. For better results, we will recommend you download the … Continue reading “Cash Bill of Sale Template in Excel and Word”

Bank Payment Voucher Format in Excel

Sample Bank Payment Voucher Format in Excel to make payments to clients, suppliers, donations through online banking, or payment cheques. This is a business document to keep a record of payments with all the details like Payee name, an account of payment, date, cheque number, amount, approved by, signed by, checked by, and receiver’s signature. … Continue reading “Bank Payment Voucher Format in Excel”

General Ledger Format in Excel Free Download

Sample General Ledger format in Excel sheet available as an example for accounts department of companies, factories, import, and export offices, small offices, and production units to record the payments of customers, and clients. Perfect Example of General Ledger Format A general ledger format typically consists of several columns that organize accounting transactions for a … Continue reading “General Ledger Format in Excel Free Download”

Undertaking Letter Format for Shipping

Sample letter of undertaking for shipping the export items by sea, and by air for clearance of the export items, and their quality. It is required by many airlines, govt departments of the USA, EU, UK, and many other countries to allow the shipping of export items. Sample Undertaking Letter Format for Shipping: [Company Name … Continue reading “Undertaking Letter Format for Shipping”

Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format

Sample memo for the staff, or employees who remain absent for a certain time without any notice to the employer. Absentees memo can be issued to warn the employees, terminate the employees, and for show cause notice prior to termination. MEMORANDUM of ABSENTEEISM To: All Employees From: [Your Name and Position] Date: [Date] Subject: Reminder … Continue reading “Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format”

Bill of Lading Form Sample Free Download

Are you looking for a bill of lading template for your business or company? We are giving you a sample of a bill of lading. This sample was provided by my friend working in an export company. Sample specimen of the bill of lading for exporters of textile garments and gift items to the UK, … Continue reading “Bill of Lading Form Sample Free Download”

Export Packing List Template In Excel

Sample Export Packing List Template In Excel for UK, USA, India, Pakistan, Europe, and UAE. This export list is used for exporting items abroad or to another country. This list is taken from a textile export company, and it can be used for all kinds of items after making changes to the list. You can … Continue reading “Export Packing List Template In Excel”

Export Commercial Invoice In Excel Format

Are you looking for a template for Export Commercial Invoice? We are giving you a sample template taken from an export company. You can customize it for your business needs. Sample Export Commercial Invoice In Excel Format for UK, USA, Europe, Canada, India, Pakistan, and UAE. We love to create all the required documents for … Continue reading “Export Commercial Invoice In Excel Format”

Shipment Receiving Form Template

Shipment Received Form Template with Letter Format in Excel for free download. This shipment receiving form can be used in textile units, and production units to record, and maintain shipment records to clients. Example Shipping And Receiving Form Template Shipping and Receiving Form Date: __________ Sender Information: Name:________ Address: ______ City: ________ State: ______ Zip: … Continue reading “Shipment Receiving Form Template”

Daily Production Report Format in Excel

Want a daily production report sample. We are giving you a sample production report template, and you can customize it as per your needs. Daily Production Report Format in excel for companies, textile production units, paper mills, printers, and other production units, whether they are producing physical productions or software. The Daily Production Report Samples … Continue reading “Daily Production Report Format in Excel”

Delivery Challan Format for Ordered Items Free Download

Sample Delivery Challan Format in Excel and Word files are free to download. This Challan is normally used when purchase orders and product supplies are delivered to any person or company. This document is considered proof of delivery with the signature of receiving and delivering person. The format includes the date, vendor information, product quantity, and … Continue reading “Delivery Challan Format for Ordered Items Free Download”